Coming Soon – a new way of learning for Netball Australia!

With the support of our Member Organisations and the team at Sport Australia, Netball Australia are launching a new Learning System that will revolutionise learning for all our members, from umpires to bench officials and players to coaches.  The new system will enable you to easily sign-up, take courses and keep track of your achievements online!

What’s changing?

We’re moving to a new user-friendly Learning Management System that uses the latest technology to deliver an engaging and fulfilling experience for all our members. This will replace the existing system that is accessed from MyNetball.

Why are we upgrading?

We have listened to what you and our Netball community have told us about our current MyNetball learning system; It’s difficult to navigate, it’s not tailored to your specific learning goals and the overall experience is just very clunky.

The new Learning System will enable you to more easily fuel your passion for netball. Intuitive and mobile responsive, available courses will be tailored to a your unique learning path based on previously completed courses and accreditations, allowing you to truly take control of your own learning journey.


When will it be changing?

The new Netball learning system will launch in September 2021


What else do I need to know?

We'll share more details about the launch of the new system and how you'll be able to get access over the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, you should continue to use the current system as normal.

We’ve included some frequently asked questions below. These will be regularly updated as we communicate more about the change so it’s important you keep your MyNetball contact details up to date to avoid missing out on future announcements!