Where relevant, In this Policy – reference to Netball Australia includes Suncorp Super Netball and the Confident Girls Foundation.

Netball Australia’s Purpose: Netball empowers girls and women to shine, while enriching and connecting communities.

Suncorp Super Netball’s Purpose: Inspire generations and strengthen netball.

Confident Girls Foundation’s Purpose: Empowering marginalised girls through netball.

A. Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to provide guidance and clarity to Netball Australia (NA) staff, contractors and customers of their obligations and the expectations of NA in the use of social media platforms.

It sets out the obligations and requirements that are intended to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory restrictions and privacy and confidentiality agreements.

B. Scope and Exclusions

This Policy applies to the official and personal use of all social media; including use through employment, or other association with NA, or in a personal capacity. It applies to all NA staff, contractors, customers and social media users.

This Policy should be read in conjunction with other NA policies and procedures, including the NA Employee Code of Conduct.

C. Definitions

In this policy, the following definitions apply:


means the name, brand mark (including colour, design, picture, symbol and typeface), logo, logotype, graphic devices and all brand elements normally associated with NA and used to communicate with internal and external audiences.


means producers, distributors, broadcasters, copyright and intellectual property owners in video music, images and written material holders of copyright in content presented in media.

Official Use

means using social media tools when acting as an official representative of NA.

Personal use

means using social media tools in a private capacity.

Social media

means all online media which allows user participation and interaction including (but not limited to):

  • Social networking sites e.g. Facebook, Linkedln;
  • Video and photo sharing website e.g. YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Snapchat;
  • Blogs and blogging platforms;
  • Micro-blogging and activity stream sites e.g. Twitter;
  • Forums and discussion boards e.g. Google groups, Whirlpool, Reddit;
  • Online encyclopedia and Wikis e.g. Wikipedia;
  • Vodcasting and podcasting;
  • Videoconferencing and webinars;
  • Instant messaging and email;
  • Virtual communities;
  • Any other websites that allow individual users or companies to post comments to the web;
  • All other emerging electronic/digital communication applications.

Social media account

means a user profile established on a social media platform for the purpose of official social media use.

D. Key Policy Principles

NA will actively and appropriately participate in online and internet conversations and engage with the communities of different social media channels. This engagement is underpinned by three key objectives. These are to:

a) Actively and genuinely listen to the users we are connected to;


b) Inform those users about netball and netball related activities; and

c) Consult and involve those users in discussions about netball.

The use of social media and online tools in connection with NA will guided by the following principles:

a) Show respect for people and adhere to NA's Values;

b) Do not use social media to bring NA, staff, users or associates into disrepute

c) Do not imply NA endorsement of personal views;

d) Ensure confidentiality of information obtained through NA is maintained; and;

e) Do not use social media to the detriment of NA’s activities.

E. Other Related Policies and Documents

The following NA policies and documents also apply to the application of this Policy:

a) NA Employee Code of Conduct.


b) NA Player Code of Conduct.

c) NA Privacy Policy.

d) NA Information Sharing Guidelines.

e) Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) Children’s Advertising Code.

f) Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).

g) Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

h) Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Cth).

1. Use of Social Media

1.1 NA acknowledges and encourages the positive use of social media as a tool for connecting and engaging NA's community and stakeholders. Opportunities of social media include, but are not limited to:

1.1.1 Promote the positive reputation of the sport of netball and the NA brand in the community;

1.1.2 Inform, advise and communicate about NA services and activities;

1.1.3 Activities related to NA’s corporate partners and sponsors;

1.1.4 Attract and build relationships with new and existing netball participants, stakeholders and the community;

1.1.5 Initiate collaborative opportunities (e.g. product creation, satisfaction surveys, approved and permitted fundraising activities);

1.1.6 Promote events, awards and achievements;

1.1.7 Answer queries and respond to concerns;

1.1.8 Advertise recruitment opportunities;

1.1.9 Facilitate professional networks;

1.1.10 Enhance netball learning and teaching experiences;

1.1.11 Manage NA's reputation and brand;

1.1.12 Manage emergencies such as providing information in times of crisis; and

1.1.13 Live streaming of events, activities and workshops.

2. Personal and Professional Use of Social Media

2.1 It is the policy of NA that personal and professional use of social media by NA staff, users, board members, commissioners, subcommittees and associates must not:

2.1.1 Bring NA into disrepute;

2.1.2 Compromise the effectiveness of NA;

2.1.3 Defame individuals or organisations;       

2.1.4 Imply NA endorsement of personal views; or

2.1.5 Disclose, without authorisation, confidential information.

3. Official Social Media Accounts and Channels

3.1 NA will authorise and maintain social media accounts and channels according to the following criteria:

3.1.1 The NA media team (or comparable positions) is responsible for the authorisation, development and management of NA social media accounts, channels or network pages on social channels. This ensures NA's branding and narrative are consistent, posts are updated regularly, and enquiries, complaints and disputes are actioned appropriately.

3.1.2 Only staff authorised by the Executive General Manager, Media or Content and the Corporate Affairs Director (or comparable executive positions) are permitted to access to NA social media accounts and passwords to manage content, images or video. If an authorised staff member cease employment at NA, their immediate supervisor must notify IT Services to ensure that all relevant authorisations are revoked.

3.1.3 Passwords must be generated, stored and managed using a password management tool (a specified by IT Services from time to time) and stored in a secure manner. No passwords are allowed to be sent internally without the approval of the Executive General Manager, Media or Content or the Corporate Affairs Director or Manager, IT Services (or comparable positions).

3.1.4 Any NA social media account, group or page created without prior authorisation of the Executive General Manager, Media or Content and the Corporate Affairs Director (or comparable executive positions) will be immediately moderated and may be removed.

3.1.5 NA reserves the right to restrict or request the removal of any social media account or content that is deemed in violation of the Social Media Policy.

3.1.6 All NA social media accounts will indicate clearly that they are maintained by NA and will have NA's contact information prominently displayed.

3.1.7 All primary NA social media pages should feature NA’s name and logo. Photographs and imagery that reflects NA is encouraged. Where the channel allows for changes in layout or design official NA colours should be used.

4. Social Media Tools For Education and Training Endorsed By NA

4.1 NA may endorse any social media or collaboration platform for use by NA staff and stakeholders in connection with the delivery of netball related services and activities. The privacy and safety of our staff and users is our highest priority and all personal information will be managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. All communication and conduct between users must adhere to our Social Media Policy and Employee Code of Conduct, Board Code of Conduct, Commission Code of Conduct and/or Player Code of Conduct as applicable

5. Social Media Content

5.1 All social media content and comments linked to NA must comply with this policy and the NA Employee Code of Conduct as applicable.

5.2 All engagement with NA official social media channels must be undertaken in a respectful and professional manner.

5.3 Social media use in connection to NA, which includes the use of endorsed platforms as outlined above, must not breach privacy, copyright, human rights and anti-discrimination or other laws. All rights and permissions for copyrighted materials must be secured in writing before posting, sharing or distributing on social media used in connection to NA.

5.4 Information which could identify private personal details including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses must not be uploaded, posted, transmitted, shared, stored or otherwise made publicly available on social media used in connection with NA without that person's written permission.

5.5 Prior permission must be obtained prior to posting, sharing or distribution on social media of any identifiable image of an individual obtained in connection with NA activities, programs or products. The NA Legal team can advise NA staff on obtaining consents and permissions from individuals for use on social media.

5.6 Those who choose to use social media in a private capacity should be aware that content published on social media sites could be, at any time, made publicly available (including on personal accounts and whether or not a pseudonym is used or privacy settings are activated).

5.7 Requests for activity or promotion on NA’s social media channels are left to the discretion of the NA media team (or comparable positions). Any ideas or suggestions from other business units are welcomed and will be accommodated where possible.

6. Moderation

6.1 Moderation of NA social media platforms and ensuring users follow and enforce engagement guidelines is essential.

6.2 Responding to queries (posts by others) whether in public or private messages should be done in a timely manner.

6.3 No posts by others should be deleted unless they breach the page guidelines (e.g. by containing inappropriate language or themes, links to spam sites, hateful comments and other behaviours as outlined in this Policy) and positive comments should be recognised and may be shared.

6.4 Facebook’s ‘profanity block list’ should always be set to ‘high’ on the NA Facebook page.

6.5 Where appropriate on other social media channels, the NA media team (or comparable positions) should implement the channel’s rules and monitor the pages for inappropriate behaviour. Wherever possible, inappropriate content should be removed, reported and in some cases the user banned.

7. Child Safety

7.1 Organisations that provide services to children and young people have a duty of care to ensure their safety, that extends beyond face-to-face contact.

7.2 Those involved in child-related work for or on behalf of NA (including online or live-stream coaching or other activities for children) must:

7.2.1 Hold a current Working with Children Check unless they qualify for an exemption under applicable State and Territory laws;

7.2.2 Comply with the NA Employee Code of Conduct and other applicable policies and procedures;

7.2.3 Only use NA authorised accounts or platforms when corresponding with children, young people and parents/carers;

7.2.4 Maintain professional boundaries on social media and avoid sharing personal mobile numbers or accepting or requesting users or parents/carers as ‘friends’ on personal accounts;

7.2.5 Make online behavioural expectations clear to users and model good practice when using technology;

7.2.6 Respect confidentiality and privacy by always seeking consent from the child and their parent/carer prior to publishing their information online. This includes names, photos, videos, work samples or other identifying information;

7.2.7 Securely store consent forms and only collect, use and disclose personal information about children in accordance with NA’s Privacy Policy and applicable laws;

7.2.8 Be aware of young people’s safety and wellbeing when connecting with them and report concerns about a child’s safety via the reporting mechanisms below;

7.2.9 If approached by a child, young person or parent/carer with concerns about inappropriate content or misconduct on NA social media or online platforms, deal with it promptly in accordance with the Social Media Policy and other applicable policies and laws;

7.2.10 Let children know how to get help if they don’t feel safe.

7.3 To report immediate danger to yourself or someone else, call Triple Zero (000). To report a crime, call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or contact your local police. You can also seek help from Kids Helpline by webchat or by calling 1800 55 1800.

8. Compliance

8.1 Breaches of this Policy will be dealt with in accordance with the NA Employee Code of Conduct, Board Code of Conduct, Commission Code of Conduct and Player Code of Conduct policies and procedures. This may result in disciplinary action and can include a range of options including, but not limited to, reprimands, criminal or civil charges being brought against an individual, removal from NA premises, and termination of employment/engagement.

8.2 NA reserves the right to archive, screenshot, preserve, edit, delete, reject or remove content which breaches its Social Media Policy or impedes on legislation, security, policies or procedures and/or network management reasons.

8.3 If an individual views content within social media networking sites that disparages or reflects poorly on NA, they must immediately contact the media team (or comparable positions) and report the misuse of social media.

9. Roles and Responsibilities

9.1 NA Media Team (or comparable positions)

9.1.1 Ensure appropriate social media activities are integrated into marketing plans.

9.1.2 Register and store all social media activities and passwords/security measures.

9.1.3 Maintain all NA social media channels and assets including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

9.1.4 Monitor social media marketing activities, and where necessary, discuss staff member's online behaviour with their manager.

9.1.5 Identify and respond, when appropriate, to controversial and/or prominent commentary about NA in any public social media channels.

9.1.6 Provide strategic advice for the appropriate use of social media channels for community engagement. This includes alignment with NA's brand and the NA Social media guiding principles of behaviour at NA.

9.1.7 Populate social media channels with relevant and up to date content.

9.1.8 Develop and update content for the NA social media online staff induction, Board induction, Commission Induction, staff training package and user handbook

9.1.9 Review annually the Social Media Policy and Procedure and make recommendations for any changes to NA CEO.

9.2 Executive General Managers (or comparable executive positions)

9.2.1 Ensure staff, Board members, Commissioners, users and associates are aware of their responsibilities when using social media sites.

9.2.2 Ensure all staff, Board members, Commissioners, contractors and agents are informed of NA's Social Media Policy and Procedure and complete the social media online training package as part of their induction.

9.3 Staff, contractors, subcontractors, consultants and volunteers

9.3.1 Obtain prior approval from the Executive General Manager, Media or Content and the Corporate Affairs Director (or comparable executive positions) before using social media sites in any official capacity.

9.3.2 Engage, where applicable, with NA's official social media channels in a respectful and professional manner and in accordance with the Social media guiding principles of behaviour at NA.

9.3.3 Undertake any NA social media online induction training that may be in place from time to time.

9.3.4 Where applicable, induct all users in the use of social media policy and procedure and guiding principles of behaviour.

9.3.5 Comply with the applicable NA Code of Conduct. Users are not permitted to comment or act on behalf of NA unless explicitly authorised to do so by the NA media team (or comparable positions).

9.3.6 Engage, where applicable, with NA's official social media channels in a respectful and professional manner and in accordance with the Social Media Policy.

10. Policy Review

10.1 This Policy is subject to ongoing monitoring and an annual review by NA at its sole discretion and depending on the needs of the business.



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Social Media Policy

Effective Date:

14 July 2020

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Executive General Manager, Media (or comparable executive position)

Date Last Reviewed:

22 June 2020

Scheduled Review Date:

14 January 2022


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