The History of Netball Australia  

Netball landed on Australian shores in 1897. And it wasn’t long until demand grew for one, national organising body. 

The origins of Netball Australia technically began on 26 August, 1927, during an interstate women’s basket ball carnival. Back then it was known as the All Australia Women’s Basket Ball Association. The founding members were New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. 

Tasmania didn’t take long to join, competing in national tournaments since 1933. The Australian Capital Territory became a member in 1975, and the Northern Territory followed in 1977.  

The game really changed in the 1970s. For one thing, netball was no longer referred to as “women’s basketball”. In fact the word ‘women’ was dropped all together. The organisation became simply the All Australia Netball Association.  

After incorporating as a public entity in the 1980s, that name was eventually shortened to Netball Australia in 1993.  

The Netball Australia Council oversees the development of the national game, and it’s made up of representatives from every state and territory in the country.  

The Council also elects the Board of Directors, who are in charge of governance and operations, including long-term financial planning. The Board meets at least six times a year. It consists of a President, Finance Director, six Ordinary Directors and the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer also carries out the role of Public Officer.