Want to be a Bench Official?

To become a Bench Official, you’ll need to undertake a series of accreditation levels, which is why we developed the Netball Australia Bench Officials Accreditation Framework. It’s a two-stage process that teaches you all the techniques required at different levels of competition. To get started, chat to your State or Territory member organisation.

Bench Officials Accreditation Framework

Bench Officials have an important role to play – they are responsible for ensuring the correct score is recorded, the correct time is played and other match details are recorded accurately.

The Netball Australia Bench Officials Accreditation Framework has been designed to assist the development of new Bench Officials through a series of two accreditation levels that relate to the techniques required at the different levels of competition.

Netball Australia Bench Official Online Education Course

The Bench Officials Education Course has been designed to assist you in learning the skills and knowledge required to fulfil all Bench Official roles.

The Bench Officials Education course is a pre-requisite for obtaining the State Bench Official Accreditation and subsequently the National Bench Officials Accreditation.

The course looks at:

  • Being a Bench Official
  • Scorer 1
  • Scorer 2
  • Timekeepers
  • Extra Time Procedures

Where to now?

To access the Bench Officials Education Course online visit MyNetball

Netball Australia Bench Officials Manual

The Netball Australia Bench Officials Manual is the official resource for Bench Officials and it is based on the International Netball Federation Bench Officials Manual (2017). It outlines the behavioural requirements and standards of the Bench Official role. Member Organisations are required to utilise these procedures and protocols when hosting National Netball Championships, Australian Netball League and Suncorp Super Netball.

INF templates:


Bench Officials Best Practice

2019 Bench Officials Best Practice


Practical Assessment Forms

The following practical assessment forms must be used in any official assessment (State or National) undertaken as part of the Netball Australia Bench Officials Accreditation Framework:

State Bench Official Practical Assessment Form

National Bench Official Practical Assessment Form

Performance Report Templates

Performance reports are focused on helping develop the skills of a Bench Official. The purpose of these performance reports is to provide Bench Managers/Assessors/Mentors the opportunity to provide qualitative feedback to any Bench Official, outside of the Accreditation assessment process.

State Timer: Performance Report Template

State Scorer: Performance Report Template

National Timer: Performance Report Template

National Scorer: Performance Report Template

Updating Policy   

The National Bench Officials Accreditation Framework provides detailed information about bench officials accreditation and updating.

Accreditation updating requires the completion of various related tasks within a 4 year period following the successful completion of a Bench Officials Accreditation, unless a higher level of accreditation is achieved.

Bench Officials Accreditation Update Criteria 

Updating Process

We’ve changed the way our accreditation updates work, making it easier for our coaches, umpires and bench officials. Just log in to MyNetball using your MyNetball ID. 

If a Bench Official does not update their accreditation within the specified four year period, Netball Australia may:

  • require the official to re-do the entire training program;  or
  • require the  official to undertake a specified number of activities as determined by Netball Australia.