The vision of our new Netball Learning system is to ‘empower each individual to deliver and receive extraordinary netball experiences, fuel their passion for netball and learn at their own pace.

The system has been co-created by Netball Australia and Sport Australia with this vision at the heart of every decision that we are making.

Before selecting a new provider, the team reviewed and responded to proposals from many different providers before determining that the Totara platform would be the one that aligns to both the learning vision and that of Netball Australia – to be the leading team sport in Australia.

User Experience at its heart

  • It’s intuitive and built with the user experience at its heart. We know the old system was very clunky and difficult to navigate, so we’re ensuring that the new Netball Learning is seamless to use from login through to accreditation.

Courses and accreditations tailored to you

  • Every learner is unique, and so should be their learning path. The new system will tailor course suggestions based on what you’ve already done and what you should aim to do next.

Supported by Sport Australia

  • Sport Australia have helped to implement this at a whole host of other sports including swimming and athletics. Having the team on board means we can ensure you get the best, most consistent experience possible.

 Enhanced ‘back-end’ administrator functions.

  • Improved user experience is not limited to learners. Though not always visible to most people, the course set up and administration side is just as easy to operate as the enrolment side.

Works seamlessly across multiple devices

  • Whether it’s on your desktop at home or on your mobile when you’re at the game, the system, will work for you.