Hall of Fame

Netball Australia started the Hall Of Fame initiative for a simple reason: we wanted to recognise those who have dedicated their lives to the sport. 

Sometimes these are great players and heroes, World Cup champions and female trailblazers. And sometimes they’re ordinary people working tirelessly behind the scenes, supporting community netball, improving access and opportunity for young Australians, sacrificing personal glory for the broader good of the game.

Whatever the criteria, induction into the Hall Of Fame is no easy feat. It takes a lifetime of service and excellence.

There are three types of Hall Of Fame membership. General Members are those who have achieved brilliance in a supporting role, helping netball players shine or giving back to their community.

Athlete Members are the second group. They’re limited to the top echelon of Australian netballers – those who have represented their country at the very highest level.

The most prestigious membership tier is what we call Hall Of Fame ‘Legends’. Legend status means an individual has influenced the development of netball at a national and international level. They might have changed the way the game is played, introduced new concepts and ideas, dominated World Championships or raised the bar for future generations. It’s one of the highest honours in Australian netball.












*Denotes deceased