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Netball Australia has partnered with the Australian Government since 2010 to implement the Pacific Sports Partnerships (PSP) program. 

PSP is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to support Australian national sporting organisations to partner with their Pacific counterparts to strengthen capacity to deliver sports-based programs that achieve social development objectives. 

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Netball Australia implements the PSP as One Netball Pacific with Netball Samoa, Tonga Netball Association and Netball PNG.  One Netball Pacific aims to: 

Support improvements in the capacity of national netball associations so they are well-managed, active, supportive women’s groups. 

Support national netball associations to create more opportunities for women and girls to take part in physical activity that complies with WHO standards for prevention of non-communicable disease and promotes improved health-related behaviours. 

Support national netball associations to create supportive environments that improve women’s potential to access leadership and decision-making opportunities. 


The One Netball Pacific program has supported full-time employment opportunities with national netball federations for many women over the course of the program, all of whom have had access to professional development opportunities. Thousands of volunteers have taken part in netball umpiring, coaching and bench official training, some having had the opportunity to travel internationally for further development.   


Tens of thousands of participants have taken part in physical activity through One Netball Pacific programs, through numerous Sport for Development programs across the Pacific. These programs are aimed specifically at increasing physical activity in order to combat the high rates of non-communicable diseases within the region, as well as focusing on female empowerment and gender equality, through netball.  


Sport can contribute to increasing women’s voice in decision-making and leadership. Women’s involvement in sport is an entry point to normalise, in the eyes of both women and men, women’s participation in decision making. It is also an entry point to women’s participation at higher levels of society and in more formal systems.  If women are going to benefit from community development activities, they must be involved in the leadership and decision-making processes associated with these activities.  Netball provides an opportunity for women and girls to develop and practice leadership and decision-making skills in entry level team, community and club roles that can be applied to other aspects of their lives and within their communities. 

Australia Pacific Sports Linkages Program 

Since January 2019, Netball Australia has been part of the Australia Pacific Sports Linkages Program (APSLP), which aims to strengthen the links between Australia and Pacific nations, through sport. Netball Australia is currently supporting Netball Samoa and Fiji Netball in their preparations for the 2019 Netball World Cup in Liverpool in July, as well as supporting the Tonga Netball Association and Netball PNG in their preparations for the Pacific Games being held in Samoa, in July.  

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