Below is a summary of the transition plan roadmap and key milestones.
JUNE 2021 Partner Member Organisation staff training and onboarding commence.
JULY 2021 Prepare for PlayHQ Webinar: We will be inviting all associations to look at the new system and learn some more about what's coming.

Spring/Summer Pilot system training: We will be working with several associations and clubs to test the new platform through the registration and competition process over the Spring/Summer season. There will be two training sessions for associations:

1. Ready to Register
2. Ready to Play

Through these sessions, our team will cover how to set up a competition and registration forms, open for registrations, and formulate grading and fixtures, amongst other key aspects of the system.

We will contact the pilot associations after the Prepare for PlayHQ webinar to book training sessions.


Go-Live National Rollout Program Training: Once pilot testing is complete, we'll be ready to launch the PlayHQ platform to the entire netball community, ready for registrations for competition and Suncorp NetSetGO to open for the 2022 season.

Association and club training for Go-Live will follow the same format as pilot with Ready to Register and Ready to Play training sessions delivered in person or online. We will contact associations and clubs to organise this training from October.

Training will be supplemented by our new National Service & Support team, information in our knowledge base and ongoing support to administrators through your member organisation.