Pacific Women's Sports Administration

About the Pacific Women's Sports Administration

The Pacific Women's Sports Administration program is centred around the development of Netball Samoa, Fiji Netball Association, Tonga Netball Association and Netball Papua New Guinea’s governance and administrative structures, policies, and processes.

As a predominantly female participated sport across the Pacific, the primary focus of the program is to create avenues for women’s leadership in netball and to enable associations to advance women in decision-making roles.

In partnership with the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Netball Australia will support the volunteer base of each organisation to grow, with female participation highly encouraged. This will mean more paid positions for women in each organisation, and more opportunities for staff and volunteers to learn and develop technical and leadership skills. 

The program will run through to June 2023 and work to promote gender equality, leadership and economic opportunities and livelihoods for women across the region. In providing more resources and training to partner countries, it is a goal to reduce barriers to female participation and increase the safety to participate.