The Foundation Umpire Course is now available online!

The Foundation Umpire Course has been designed to assist you in achieving the necessary skills and knowledge to be an effective umpire and enjoy your officiating role. The course contains the following five modules:

  • A good umpire
  • Getting started
  • Umpiring techniques
  • The Rules in Action
  • Where to now?


To access the Foundation Umpire Course online click here 

PLEASE NOTE: If using a Mac or Apple device, please make sure you access MyNetball using Google Chrome.


Use the following Enrolment Instructions to help you access the Course: MyNetball Learning Enrolment Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions for Clubs and Associations: Foundation Umpire Course Fact Sheet for Clubs & Associations

Frequently Asked Questions for Participants: Foundation Umpire Course Fact Sheet for Participants


The Foundation Umpire Course is one of the pre-requisites for obtaining a National C Badge and participating in the Elite Umpire Course.

Coaches and players are also encouraged to complete the course to further support their understanding of the game.

Successful completion of the course provides you with one of the required pre-requisites for a National C Badge.


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