The approximate annual cost for the Netball Australia Wix offer starts from $315 (AUD).  

There may be additional costs if organisations purchase additional integrations through the Wix App Market. Please note, prices may fluctuate due to the pricing model being based on $USD. 

Organisations will register an account with Wix during the set-up process and pay the relevant fees directly to Wix. 

No, there are no associated websites on offer. However, every Association and Club on the PlayHQ platform will have a landing webpage on the PlayHQ public view portal. Please see the portal example.

The webpage highlights the Association or Club fixtures, ladders, results and contact details. It is also the landing page for registrations to competitions and programs. This page is created during the onboarding process to the new PlayHQ system. 

If your organisation currently has a website through MyNetball and would like to continue with one, there are several options to ensure your Association or Club has a website presence for 2022 and beyond. 

As part of the move away from MyNetball, the legacy URLs (website address) will be discontinued. To ensure that information won’t be unavailable if someone tries to access the old URL, our Service and Support team can redirect the old ORL to the new websites until December 2022. 

Organisations who choose to build their own website, please contact Service and Support by clicking the link or on to have our help to redirect your legacy URL (website address) to your new website. 

If you choose the Netball Australia Wix website offer, we will cover this for you during the set-up process. 

If you do not choose one of these options, our team will redirect your existing MyNetball website to 

Associations and Clubs can choose their own website designer if they would like. There is a range of free options to replace existing MyNetball websites such as Squarespace, Wix, WordPress or Weebly. You can select any of these providers immediately and access their free or paid offerings to build up a new site before 31 December. 

If Associations and Clubs would like to create a complete website immediately, they can do so through free options such as Squarespace, Wix, WordPress or Weebly. 

If Associations and Clubs choose the Netball Australia Wix website offer, organisations will need to express interest before 31 October 2021. Requests made after 31 October may result in a new website not being available until early 2022 after MyNetball websites are closed. Websites will start being prepared from 1 October with organisations with a current MyNetball website prioritised. Servicing will be on a first-in-first-out basis. 

Anyone using social media channels, Apps or other website systems can copy and embed the Fixtures/Ladders/Results (FLR) link from the PlayHQ public view web portal. Through this, Associations and Clubs can direct readers to relevant FLR information on the PlayHQ public view portal. 

If organisations choose the Netball Australia Wix website offer, the recommended netball layout will include relevant PlayHQ FLR data of the Association or Club. This will be embedded through the integrated widget into the Wix site. 

If organisations build their own website, then yes, Associations and Clubs can organise who hosts the website. 

If organisations choose the Netball Australia Wix website offer, hosting is included through the Wix account. 

No content will be downloaded or migrated as part of the Netball Australia Wix website offer. 

Netball Australia will establish a recommended netball website layout and provide this to Associations and Clubs to use. Associations and Clubs will then be able to personalise the website with their relevant information. Netball Australia will provide training on how to use the Wix platform. 

If you currently don’t use a website through MyNetball, you won’t have to do anything. Continue to communicate through existing channels. 


Associations and Clubs can share a link to the PlayHQ public view portal page ( and direct people to PlayHQ Fixture, Ladder and Results. 

You do have the option to opt into the Netball Australia Wix website offer. Please note, priority will be given to those with existing MyNetball websites.