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As a leader in the global netball community, Netball Australia is committed to furthering the International Netball Federation’s strategic pillars for the development and promotion of the sport worldwide:

  • Effective governance and administration
  • Thrilling world class events
  • Sustainable global development
  • Quality officiating worldwide
  • Quality coaching worldwide

Netball Australia has experience in implementing sport development programs across the Asia-Pacific region that contribute to these objectives, including programs that use netball as a tool to contribute to locally identified development priorities.  These programs focus on capacity building with national netball federations and partnerships with government and local NGOs to ensure program sustainability.

Sport for Development

Netball Australia recognises that sport has unique attributes, such as its ability to attract, mobilise and inspire, that enable it to contribute to positive development outcomes.

Netball is the world’s number one women’s team sport and Netball Australia believes this provides a unique opportunity, and a responsibility, to have an impact on the status of women.  It can be used as a tool to encourage healthy lifestyles, improve social cohesion and positively engage young women.  Whilst netball offers women and girls a safe space to develop skills and knowledge that translate to their everyday lives, it’s also helping to change perceptions of women’s capabilities.  By promoting confident, strong, skilled, talented leaders on, and off the court, netball can challenge the cultural norms that prevent gender equality.


UN Office of Sport for Development and Peace
International Platform on Sport and Development

Sports Diplomacy  

Sport DiplomacyNetball Australia also works closely with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to contribute to the achievement of its international public diplomacy objectives.  This involves using sport to deepen engagement and understanding between Australia and Indo-Pacific, Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

This has included running events with Australian High Commissions overseas, most recently with the Australian High Commission in Brunei.  Netball Australia personnel upskilled local teachers and physical educators to run junior netball programs, worked with the national team, and ran a gala day in conjunction with the High Commission to promote increased participation and support for the sport.


Australian Sports Diplomacy Strategy 2015-18