High Performance Umpiring

Australia has a long history of producing quality umpires and our quest for continued excellence in the international netball arena is dependent upon the development of a highly skilled pool of talented umpires.

The High Performance Umpire Pathway compliments the National Umpire Development Framework and is aligned to the national athlete pathway.

It is a staged approach to an umpire’s development and outlines the programs and support services along with policies and procedures that describe the identification and development of umpires within the high performance environment.

The Netball Australia High Performance Umpire Pathway will identify and develop the next generation of umpires and provide a world class system that prepares them to perform at their best at national and international events.

Emerging Talent Umpire Program  

This is the second tier on the National High Performance Umpire Pathway. The program focuses on the development of Australia’s emerging thigh performance umpires by enabling them to undertake professional development and identified training activities under the guidance and with the support of both Netball Australia and their Member Organisation.

High Performance Umpire Program 

The top tier on the National high Performance Umpire Pathway. The program focuses on retaining and further developing Australia’s high performance umpires by preparing individual development plans which are supported by high quality resources combined with extensive education on high performance behavior and disciplines.

Netball Australia is committed to providing an environment where women, including mothers can participate at the highest level. The Netball Australia Umpire Pregnancy & Parental Management Policy provides guidelines relating to how high performance umpires will be supported during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Umpires participating in the high performance umpire pathway also have access to a secure website which holds additional resources specific to each program.