Accreditation is one of the three key aspects of coach learning, and provides coaches appropriate learning outcomes relevant to who they are coaching.  Accreditation is critical for coaches to understand the key coaching, skill acquisition, game sense, player development and welfare, planning and risk management aspects of their role.

Coaches are encouraged to progress along the coaching accreditation pathway at their own pace and to find a level of accreditation that suits their coaching style and the level of player they enjoy coaching.


Online Foundation Coach Accreditation Course is now online!


About the course

The online Foundation Coach Accreditation Course is targeted primarily at beginner coaches, teachers, parents and Suncorp NetSetGO coaches and outlines introductory coaching information and basic netball techniques. The Course is the first step in the national coaching accreditation framework and is an important step along the knowledge pathway for a coach. The course contains the following four modules:

  1. The role of the coach
  2. Planning
  3. Teaching netball skills
  4. The coach in action

Use the following Enrolment Instructions to help you access the Course: MyNetball Learning Enrolment Instructions

Foundation Coach Accreditation Competency Statements and Assessment Tasks: Foundation Coach Accreditation_Competency statements and assessment tasks

FAQs for Clubs and Associations: Online Foundation Coach Accreditation Association Fact Sheet

FAQs for Participants: Online Foundation Coach Accreditation Participant Fact Sheet



Frequently asked questions:

What are the benefits of moving to an online course?

  • The ability for participants to learn in a self-paced environment at a time and place that individually suits them.
  • Access all year round, any time of the day or night.
  • Significant reduction in volunteer’s time administering face-to-face courses, freeing up valuable time to mentor developing coaches.


What will participants receive at the end of the course?

Upon successful completion of all modules, participants will receive their Foundation Coach Accreditation and certificate of completion.


How much does the course cost?

The online Foundation Coach Accreditation course will cost participants $56.00 (inclusive of GST and transaction fees) to enrol in, regardless of their location around Australia. All payments will be managed online through a secure gateway.


Will participants be able to purchase the manual?

Yes. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to purchase the Netball Australia Foundation Coaching Manual for an additional $30.00.

Purchase here.


Will there be a time limit on completing the course?

No. There is no time limit on completing the course. You are able to learn in a self-paced environment and can log in and log out as required. But you must complete the course within a year of enrolling or it will expire.


Will participants be able to access the course materials after they have completed the course?

Yes. Upon successful completion of all modules, participants will be able to log back into the system and access the materials at any stage.


What happened if I have further questions?

Your first point of call should always be your State/Territory Netball Association. If they are unable to assist, they will make contact with Netball Australia for additional support.  


Netball Australia Coach Accreditation Framework

Netball Australia’s coaching accreditation framework aims to assist coaches to successfully move through the Coach Education Framework.

The coaching framework is a six-tier progression with each stage being accredited.  Below is each step of the coaching pathway process.