Wendy Archer AM and Susan Comerford elected to Netball Australia Board

Netball Australia confirms the election of former Netball NSW President Wendy Archer AM and the re-election of Susan Comerford to the Netball Australia Board of Directors.

Archer, a Life Member of Netball NSW, has demonstrated commitment and passion to netball for the past three decades, including 16 years at the helm of Netball NSW’s Board.
She reflected on the appointment, stating, “it is an absolute honour to be able to serve Netball in this capacity. I have a deep and abiding passion for our sport and have felt this way since I was a young child.

“There are many aspects of our sport that are gaining wider recognition and support; it will be fantastic to be a part of steering the future direction of the sport. I am excited to see our sport grow nationally and internationally; and for netball to be recognised as the peak female sport organisation for all ages and abilities.

“Netball finds itself in a unique place with our Suncorp Super Netball Season 2 about to commence, I believe it’s the best domestic competition in the world. It is a wonderful platform in which to showcase our sport and to engage not only with our netball community but with the broader community,” said Archer.

Netball Australia Chair Paolina Hunt welcomed Wendy to the Board, stating, “Wendy is highly regarded within Netball and has a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the sport. She has been involved in a number of key whole-of-sport initiatives, and I look forward to Wendy continuing to contribute to netball from a national perspective.”

Hunt also recognised the contribution of outgoing Director Geoff Parmenter.

“Parmenter’s experience in major events was instrumental in securing the Fast5 Netball World Series and the development of Suncorp Super Netball as a commercial sports entertainment product.”

“On behalf of the Board of Netball Australia, I wish to thank Geoff for his service to our organisation and our sport,” said Hunt.

“Geoff brought a wide skillset to the table, and his deep understanding of the broader sporting landscape and major events has contributed to the growth of the game.

“A true ‘netball dad,’ Geoff’s work on increasing the commercial sustainability of our sport will leave a lasting legacy.”

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