Volunteers play valuable role in sport’s success

Volunteers Programme Launch  2014In just under 12 months time, an army of volunteers will be called on to help Australia deliver the best Netball World Cup ever.

And they will only be too willing to ensure the world’s best netballing nations and the tens of thousands of fans expected to watch the action are well looked after when they arrive in Sydney next August for the 2015 Netball World Cup.

With 500 volunteer roles to fill over the 10-day event, Netball World Cup CEO Marne Fechner is encouraging people to apply now to be involved.

“We won’t be able to achieve what we want to achieve at the Netball World Cup without volunteers and netball has such as strong history of volunteers, as does Australian sport in general,” Fechner said.

“Saturday netball wouldn’t run without volunteers and the Netball World Cup won’t run without volunteers.

“There is a great degree of interest from volunteers in our netball community to want to be part of the Netball World Cup because it is a `once-in-a-generation’ opportunity for them and we’re really excited about recruiting those general volunteers at the moment.”

A study released by the Australian Sports Commission this week found that 23 per cent of Australians aged over 14 would consider volunteering at their sporting club in some capacity over the next 12 months.

The study also identifies 10 categories of volunteers and non-volunteers to better understand, attract and retain helpers.

Volunteers Programme Launch  2014Federal Sports Minister Peter Dutton was joined by ASC CEO Simon Hollingsworth, Netball Australia CEO Kate Palmer and Australian Diamonds squad member Liz Watson in launching the study at Netball HQ.

Minister Dutton said the study Market Segmentation for Volunteers reveals the characteristics of the army of people who make a large contribution to shaping the national sporting landscape.

“There is not one person who has ever played sport in Australia who does not have a volunteer to thank for being given a chance to participate,” Minister Dutton said.Volunteers Programme Launch  2014

“There are more volunteers in sport in any other sector. Volunteers play a direct and hands on role in improving the health of our communities as well as creating opportunities for our next Laura Geitz.”

The theme of the Netball World Cup’s volunteer workforce is `Be A Hero, Become a Volunteer accompanied by the tage #HereIfYouNeed’ and Fechner said many of those would be the first point of contact for fans.

“Every major event that we’ve had in this country has not only demonstrated that volunteering is really strong here, that sport is part of the Australian way of life,” Fechner said.

“Our moto is there will be a bib for everyone at the Netball World Cup, whether that’s as a fan, volunteer or someone working in their local community in promoting and celebrating the event when it comes around next August.

“We know that the Netball World Cup is very much building the anticipation around the event as something that’s going to be exciting and friendly.

“The world is coming to Sydney in August next year to participate in the world’s greatest netball event.

wclogo“We know we’re going to have over 100 thousand people come through Sydney Olympic Park and our volunteers will be that first touch point.

“Netball is one of those games where everyone supports each other on court and definitely our volunteer workforce will support each other come event time and also provide the face of the Netball World Cup to our fans.”

To apply to be a volunteer at next year’s Netball World Cup, click here for more information.