Tour Guide Tuesdays: Renae Ingles and Jo Weston

cc_031 - Tour Guide Tuesdays
Renae Ingles and Jo Weston are some of our Diamonds who were born and raised in Melbourne, one of our Test Series destinations for the Constellation Cup. They take us through their favourite things to see and do in Melbourne and Perth.

What’s the first thing you have to do when on tour?  IMG_5390
In Melbourne… 
RI: Find a good coffee spot!
JW: See family and friends

In Perth…
RI: Put on some shorts and go for a walk in the sunshine!
JW: Work on my tan

Favourite coffee shop?

In Melbourne…
RI: Auction Rooms in North Melbourne
JW: Baba Sus in Glen Iris

In Perth…
RI: Wherever Cbass takes us!
JW: Gordon St Garage

Best bargain?
In Melbourne…
JW: Camberwell Market

Hidden gem?
In Melbourne… IMG_5392
RI: My parents place in The Patch!
JW: Seamstress restaurant

Most instagramable spot? 
In Melbourne…
RI: Madi Robinson’s couch- I love a good catchup over a peppermint tea!
JW: On top of the War Memorial at the Tan

In Perth… 
RI: Any of the Beaches
JW: Any Beach

Where do you spend family time?
In Melbourne…
RI: With my family
JW: At home or at the football

In Perth…
RI: With other teammates who don’t have family in Perth!
JW: The beach or Kings Park

You can follow Renae Ingles on Instagram: @renaeingles and Twitter: @RenaeIngles and Jo Weston on Instagram: @jo_weston and Twitter: @joweston142