Tour Guide Tuesdays: Nat Medhurst and Ash Brazill

Tourguide Tuesdays Nat and Ash

Nat Medhurst and Ash Brazill are some of our Diamonds who live on the West Coast. They share some of their favourite places. Look out for them during the Constellation Cup when we play in Perth on 30 October.

What’s the first thing you have to do when on tour in Perth?
NM: Go to the beach!
AB: Go put my feet in the ocean

Best bargain?
AB: Watching the sun go down at Trigg Beach

Hidden gem?
Fremantle in general. Great markets, cafes/bars, coffee, beaches and heritage

Most instagrammable spot?
NM: Any of the beaches, or Kings Park at sunrise
AB: Cottesloe Beach

Favourite coffee shop?
NM: The Hardware Store Cafe in Scarborough or Myrtle Ivy in Leederville
AB: Bib & Tucker

Where do you spend family time?
NM: Beach (there’s a common theme running here)
AB: In summer we don’t leave the beach (any beach, we are beach hoppers!)

You can follow Nat Medhurst on Instagram: @NatMedhurst and Twitter: @NatMedhurst and Ash Brazill on Instagram: @Ash_Braz and Twitter: @Ash_Braz