Tour Guide Tuesdays: Bassett and Letton

Tour Guide Tuesdays_bass and letton

Caitlin Bassett and April Letton are some of our Diamonds who reside in Perth, one of our Test Series destinations for the Constellation Cup. They take us through their favourite things to see and do in Melbourne and Perth.

What’s the first thing you have to do when on tour? IMG_5315
In Melbourne
CB: Shopping or coffee.
AL: Get a yummy coffee!

In Perth
CB: Go to the beach.
AL: Go to see the beach!

Favourite coffee shop?
In Melbourne
CB: Manchester Press
AL: Not Sure. I’d just tag along with the local Melbourne girls for coffee trips!

In Perth
CB: Myrtle Ivy
AL: Stimulatte

Hidden gem?
In Melbourne
CB: Fitzroy
AL: Love the artwork in the streets. 

In Perthbass
CB: Brighton Beach
AL: Piccolos Corner

Most instagramable spot?
In Melbourne
CB: Brunswick St
AL: City streets and atmosphere

In Perth
CB: Any beach
AL: City Beach sunsets

Where do you spend family time?
In Melbourne
CB: At Vegie Bar
AL: Wandering through the city, Southbank is lovely.

In Perth
CB: At home with the bunnies!
AL: At my Perth home or Clancy’s for coffee by the beach.

You can follow Caitlin Bassett on Instagram: @c_bass_netball and Twitter: @CBassNetball and April Letton on Instagram: @aprilletton and Twitter: @aprilletton