Thank you to our netball volunteers

SATURDAY 15 AUGUST - Australia (AUS) v Jamaica (JAM) in a medal game on Day 9 of the Netball World Cup 2015 SYDNEY. Photo: Murray Wilkinson (NWC2015 Media)

This week we’ve been celebrating National Volunteers Week and it is timely to remind ourselves how important our volunteers are in netball.

I can remember right back to my humble beginnings as a 10 year old with Cheltenham Church of Christ Netball Club and our training sessions in the Church Hall.

Our volunteer Coaches, Umpires and Office Bearers were just the tip of the iceberg of a huge network of volunteers in the Victorian Churches Netball Association in all the clubs around mainly Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. 

Without all of them there would be very little offered in the way of organised winter sport for girls outside of school at that stage of our history. 

Now there are many more sport choices for girls in winter and all year round. 

The netball volunteers continue to support our sport in bigger numbers than before, to provide a safe and engaging environment for girls and boys to play netball and hopefully begin a life-long passion for our great sport. 

I for one wish to thank all of our community netball volunteers who maintain our sports great connection with the Australian community.

You only have to go down to the local netball courts on a Saturday morning to see organised poetry in motion, and plenty of whistles. 

It’s a comforting sight. 

The ANZ Championship produced nearly a clean sweep of victories to Australian teams with only the Adelaide Thunderbirds succumbing to the Southern Steel. 

This weekend will be a defining weekend for the Queensland Firebirds, NSW Swifts, West Coast Fever and Melbourne Vixens. All four face each other in Round 7 action and the Thunderbirds have a bye.

The Vixens- Swifts match in Melbourne will be a closely-matched affair as the Vixens are showing marked improvement since their first round clash in Sydney when they were clearly below par and adjusting to a new line up. 

The Fever-Firebirds encounter in Perth should also be a close one with match ups a plenty to see across the court.

Most interesting will be the clash of the ends with Caitlin Bassett taking on Laura Geitz. Both have shown improvements in their games this year and the chess game between them will be fascinating. 

I can’t wait to sit and watch the action.