Tassie club attempt to write name in record books

tas4Generation Netball Club in Tasmania is preparing for the biggest event in the club’s history, when they attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest ever netball game.

Club members, Sarah Stuart (16 years old) and Jordyn Becker (17 years old), have organised the 72-hour netball game to celebrate the Club’s 20th birthday.

The event, which begins at 6.30pm on Thursday night, is expected to involve hundreds of people ranging from players, umpires, officials and spectators.

“Whilst there are only 24 girls from our club participating in the actual game, we have many, many more volunteering their time for several hours during the event,” Becker said

Stuart, a member of Generation Netball Club for 10 years and Becker, a member for nine, said they wanted to do something distinct to recognise the club’s significant milestone.

“Over lunch with our mums, we were thinking about what we could do as something special for the club in its 20th year,” Stuart said. tas5

“We came up with the idea of breaking a Guinness World Record and then began the research into which particular record we break.”

“We thought this was the best (record) to attempt as it could really get the whole club involved as well as many others from other clubs within our association,” Becker said.

The current record of 61 hours was set in 2011 and is held by Netball Alberta in Canada.

Stuart and Becker believe the world record attempt is a fitting way to celebrate the club that has given so much to them for many years.

“I love the Generation Netball Club because it has a real family feel to it. Although we are the biggest club in the north, everyone knows everyone,” Stuart said.

“I have grown up to love netball because of the beautiful people I have met through my journey.”

Becker added: “Generation is an amazing club. I have made so many lifelong friendships through not only netball but through our club,” she said.

“Whenever someone is in need of anything whether it be a fundraising event, a world record challenge or anything, the people in Generation Netball Club are always there.”

The Generation Netball Club will begin their Guinness World Record attempt 72-hour from Thursday July 8 at 6.30pm.