Statement on the INF World Rankings

Statement on the INF World Rankings


The International Netball Federation would like to clarify the methodology used to calculate the INF Netball World Rankings for matches between Member Federations.

The number of ranking points earned by a team for any match depends on two factors.

The result (won, tied or lost) and the opponent against whom the result was achieved.

The higher an opponent’s rating the more points are earned for beating them.


If a team wins a match they will earn 50 points more than their opponent’s rating. But if they lose, they will earn 50 points less than their opponent’s rating. Worked numerical examples appear in the Frequently Asked Questions (see attached).


A slightly different rule applies if the teams are more than 40 rating points apart. In this case, for the purposes of determining the points earned, you assume your opponent was separated by exactly 40 points. This is explained in the FAQ document.


So, if one team beats another they will always benefit in terms of ranking points.


The current INF World Rankings may be found here:



The INF World Rankings first list was published on 11 February 2008. The latest list has been updated on 4th July 2017 and includes matches up to 1st July 2017. The ranking list relates to senior teams of members countries that are playing regular international test matches. To find out more about how the system works read below and visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on the INF website.


A rating is a measure of the average performance of a team over a series of matches. Each team earns a certain number of points from each international match. Their rating is the total number of point earned divided by the number of matches played. The team with the highest rating is ranked first in the world. The next highest is ranked second and so on.


Weighting Matches played a long time ago are a poorer guide to current form than more recent results. Therefore past results, are weighted, giving a lower weighting to earlier results. For the purposes of this list, matches played since July 2016 currently have a full weighting (100%). Matches played in the two previous years (July 2014 – June 2016) have a weighting of 50%. Earlier matches are not directly included in the ratings at all. Each July, the oldest year of results will drop out of the ratings and the weightings redistributed. This is the one annual occasion when the rankings list could alter other than through a match being played.


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