Statement on ANL protest ruling

ANLFlamesvForceAt the conclusion of the Australian Netball League match between the Victorian Flames and Southern Force on Friday 18 July, a protest was lodged with Netball Australia in regards to an alleged breach of the rules.

The matter was then referred to the Competition Appeals Committee as per clause 6 of the Australian Netball League Event Manual (Competition Rules).

The Competition Appeals Committee have deemed that a team has breached a clause of the competition rules – albeit unintentionally – and as a result must uphold clause 8.3.9 of the Competition Rules in which they;

Declare a forfeit by a team should it breach the regulations and award competition points to the other team – irrespective of the result of the match.

The decision reached by the Competition Appeals Committee is final and binding, therefore declaring a forfeit and the final score will now be 10-0 in favor of the Victorian Flames.

The official results and ladder have now been updated to reflect this decision.

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Picture: Courtesy of Grant Treeby/Netball Victoria