Results are becoming the luck of the draw

2015 ANZ Championship Round 4 Swifts v FeverDraws, draws and more draws! 

It certainly has been a talking point in the ANZ Championship this week after we had our third draw of the season to date in Monday night’s match in Sydney between the NSW Swifts and West Coast Fever.

Many people would like to see a match played to a result. However, a draw is still a result and is a testament to the closeness of the contest between the teams involved.

I was at the game and predicted the result at the pre-match function simply due to the close match ups all over the court.

Both teams looked ready for the task in the warm-up and were well prepared for their opposition by their respective coaches.

It was simply a terrific contest from the opening whistle and did not disappoint anyone who watched the athletes giving their all for their respective teams.

2015 ANZ Championship Round 4 Swifts v FeverWhen the final whistle blew I stood and applauded. It was a spontaneous gesture to recognise the efforts of both teams.

I know the Swifts fans were not happy their team didn’t win the match – but they could not be disappointed with the effort.

Their barracking was second to none and lifted the Swifts in the final minutes of the game.

I have now seen four of the Australian teams play live in the first month of the season and I will catch up with the Queensland Firebirds when they play in Melbourne next month before we announce this year’s Australian Diamonds squad on April 15.

The results so far this season clearly indicate the Australian Conference is extremely competitive and every match between two Aussie sides is played with the intensity close to that of a Grand Final.

This makes the task of the National Selectors, Annie Sargeant, Michelle Wilkins and myself, difficult as many athletes are pressing their claims to maintain their position in the Diamonds’ squad and also for any newcomers.

A headache, but one that’s necessary to choose the best and most versatile squad for Australia ahead of this year’s Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015 and our October Test Series beyond that.

Finally, I want to wish our Australian cricket team, led fantastically by Darren Lehmann and Michael Clarke, the very best of luck in Sunday’s World Cup Final against New Zealand at the MCG.

I’ll be cheering for you to bring home the trophy!

Go Diamonds!