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Netsetgo 3It’’s never been easier to register your child in the increasingly popular ANZ NetSetGO program.

Last year a record number of nearly 150,000 kids participated in ANZ NetSetGO across the country in Netball Australia’s only introductory netball program.

Parents can now find the closest ANZ NetSetGO centre, register their children and pay online all from the comfort of their own home.

Netball Australia’s Head of Sport Development Anne-Marie Phippard said the registration process has moved online to make it easier for not just parents, but also the centres offering the program.

“Allowing parents to register their children and pay online means there’s less administration time needed by clubs and associations,” Phippard said.

“As most administrators are volunteers, this will free up their time to be used in other ways that benefit their club or centre.

“Moving our registration process online also makes the ANZ NetSetGO program accessible to a wider group of people, which can lead to an increase in participant numbers which in turn can help grow local netball clubs.

“Children who join an ANZ NetSetGO program at a local club are more likely to go on and be involved in other aspects of that club whether as a junior player, umpire, coach or volunteer.”Netsetgo 6

Netsetgo 9Centres won’t have to order equipment kits or participant packs – they will automatically be sent out plus they’ll also receive free resources and access to all the other activities the program offers like the popular dance routines.

Helensvale Netball Club, in Queensland (pictured), became an ANZ NetSetGO Centre this year and President Erin Hodgkin said there are already 100 girls aged between five and 10 registered.

Hodgkin said the club has been “extremely happy” with how simple the online registration process has made it.

“Our parents can sign up and pay online in one simply transaction. The girls have been so excited doing the weekly sessions and the smiles are worth it all,” Hodgkin said.

“The equipment kits the club receive are great as it helps the clubs that don’t have all the required equipment to participate in the ANZ NetSetGO program.”

Click here to visit the ANZ NetSetGO website and find your nearest centre.