Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 11.33.41 amThe Netball Australia Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan is an important step towards our strategic vision to ensure that everyone in Australia values their connection with netball. Creating fair, safe and inclusive netball environments for all Australians is fundamental to ensuring the continued success of our sport, from the grassroots to the Diamonds.

As the sport of choice for women and girls with 1.2 million participants nationally and as the most popular sport for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls aged 4-14 years, our sport has an important role to play in Australia’s reconciliation journey.

This role also represents an opportunity to engage our Indigenous and non-Indigenous netball communities as we work together to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage.

Netball Australia’s RAP Working Group is representative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from across the states and territories, of the Aboriginal netball community (current and past players, officials, staff and administrators), and of those within and beyond the Aboriginal netball community who bring various skills, experience and expertise to the first RAP for Netball Australia.

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