Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports

Netball in Australia (Netball Australia and the State/Territory Netball Associations) is committed to leading social change, strengthening and building capacity and capability in communities and providing innovative and sustainable netball programs to empower women and girls.

An important strategic priority centres on social responsibility and in particular netball’s impact on the social, political, economic, education and health status of women and girls and vibrant relationships with community partners.

Netball Australia augments its interaction with the federal government, members of federal parliament, respective departments and key partners by responding to relevant consultations, roundtables and reviews.

Netball Australia is also a member of the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports (COMMPS), consisting of the following organisations: Australian Football League (AFL); Australian Rugby Union (ARU); Cricket Australia; Football Federation Australia (FFA); National Rugby League (NRL); and Tennis Australia. One of COMPPS’ roles is to provide a collective response on behalf of its member sports where their interests are aligned. These submissions are available on the COMPPS website.