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Netball Australia recognises that being involved with sport is a vital element in the health, happiness and well-being of communities.  Sport has unique attributes, such as its ability to attract, mobilize and inspire, that enable it to contribute meaningfully to development programs.  Sport is a powerful communication tool in promoting social inclusion, economic development and connecting people.


Netball presents a unique environment that can impact on the social, political, economic, education and health status of women and girls.  Netball Australia’s work internationally is focused on building a strong and well governed international sport that can contribute to positive outcomes in these areas.


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Get Involved



Do you have new or used netball uniforms, shoes or equipment you would like to donate?  If your club or association is willing to cover the costs of shipping donated items, Netball Australia can arrange for your much needed contributions to assist netball players in developing countries.  Please email details to


In-Country Contacts

Netball Australia works with a variety of local netball associations across a number of countries. Please follow the links below to contact these associations.

Netball Cook Islands

PNG Netball

Samoa Netball Association

Tonga Netball Association

Vanuatu Netball Association

Asian Netball Federation 



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