Player Stats

  • DOB 18/10/1963


Badge: AA & IUA
Occupation: Mother & Part-time administration assistant
Marital Status: Married to Graham and have 3 boys – Todd born 1999, Blake born 2000 and Bradley born 2004

International Matches: 90
1997 New Zealand v Jamaica Series – 3 games
1998 Australia v New Zealand Series – 3 games
1998 Commonwealth Games, Kuala Lumpur – 11 games
2001 England v New Zealand Series – 2 games
2001 Australia v New Zealand Series – 3 games
2002 Australia, England & Barbados Tri Series – 3 games
2002 Commonwealth Games, Manchester – 9 games
2003 World Tournament, Jamaica – 10 games

2005 England v Jamaica – 3 games

2006 Commonwealth Games, Melbourne – 7 games

2006 England v Fiji series – 2 games

2007 England, NZ, Australia test series – 3 games

2007 NZ, Jamaica, Australia test series – 1 game
2007 World Netball Championships – NZ – 7 games

2008 England v NZ test series – 2 games

2009 England v Jamaica test series – 3 games

2010 Commonwealth Games – India – 7 games

2011 World Tournament – Singapore – 6 games

2011 NZ v England test series – 2 games

2012 Australia / NZ / England / South Africa Quad series – 3 games


Domestic Competitions

CBT 1997-98, 2001-2003, 2005-2007 – Approximate matches 96 – Grand final in all years

ANZ Championships – 2008-2013 (95 matches at end of 2013 season) – Grand final matches 2008-2013

First game umpired: Junior Club game at Northern Suburbs Netball Association

How old were you when you first umpired?12

How old were you when you were awarded your first badge?14

Which badge was it? National C Badge

Who encouraged you the most to pursue umpiring at the elite level?
At elite level Chris Burton and Maureen Boyle

Who do you most respect as an umpire and why? Maureen Boyle for her integrity, consistency, pleasant professional manner, and complete knowledge of the rules and understanding their application.

Who do you most respect as a player/team/coach and why?
As a coach Joyce Brown for her knowledge of all aspects of the game.

How do you stay fit for umpiring?
I do most of my fitness from home, Bike and step machine work plus training sessions with local teams.

On match day, what is your schedule?
Usual motherly duties like dropping children and school or their sports, getting and few domestic duties done and then it’s usually a rush trip to the airport – when the mother brain needs to turn off and the netball brain switch on.

After a match, how do you relax? Not easy to relax, usually rehash the game 3 or 4 times before switching on the tv.

Do you watch the match after it has been played? Always. Self analysis is a very important part of growing.

Do you have any superstitions or rituals? No


Food: Italian
Meal: Anything as long as I don’t have to cook.
Movie: Pretty Woman
Book: Autobiographies – I find reading peoples stories, triumphs and disappointments and how they cope with these very interesting and quite often inspiring .
Music: Ronan Keating, Corrs – easy listening music
TV Program: CSI’s, Sherlock Holmes, The Voice


What advice would you give to umpires in their quest for badging at any level?
Give the best you can in every game and learn from each game. Become your own best critic.