Court Specifications

These court measurements form part of the current Official Rules (dated 2001) of the International Federation of Netball Associations.

The 3.05m run off clear space outside each side line and end line is a Netball Australia rule introduced to ensure safety of players and umpires.

Court Dimensions (Diagram 1):
•  Sideline: 30.5m (The court is divided into three thirds measuring 10.17m each)
•  Baseline: 15.25m
•  Centre Circle: 0.9m in diameter
•  Goal Circle: 4.9m in radius
•  Ceiling Height: A minimum of 8.3m
•  Line Markings: White and max 50mm wide; all lines are part of the court
•  Surface: Double sprung wooden timber
•  Clear Space: 3.05m each side and ends
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Goal Post
•  Post height: 3.05m (2.4m modified netball)
•  Post diameter: Standard 65mm
•  Ring: 380mm internal diameter 15mm steel rod
•  Post fixing: Internal

Please note that there are no strutts from ring to goal post.