• Ages 5 – 10 years (Modified): size 4 ball
• Ages 10+ years (Netball): size 5 ball. 
A regulation size 5 netball should measure 690mm-710mm in circumference and weigh between 400grams – 450grams


See diagram 1 below.

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Goal Posts
Two posts, one positioned at each end of the court:
•  Ages 8 – 10 years (Modified): 2.4 metres (8 feet) high.
•  Ages 10+ years (Netball): 3.05 metres (10 feet) high.
Two umpires control a game, each looking after the half of the court to their right. See diagram 2 below.

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A netball team consists of seven players, one in each of the following positions:
GK – Goal Keeper
GD – Goal Defence
WD – Wing Defence
C – Centre
WA – Wing Attack
GA – Goal Attack
GS – Goal Shooter

Positional bibs or patches marked with the seven positions must be worn. Playing position initials should measure 150mm in height (see example below).Alternate text