Our Coaching Volunteers

Alexander HNQS

The lifeblood of our great grassroots to high performance sport are our volunteers who give their time freely for the greater good of the game.

I want to especially pay tribute to all of our volunteer coaches around the country for their tireless efforts in coaching all of our netballers both young and more mature.

It is so important for the development of our game, for the future of the athlete pathway, to encourage the next generation of Australian Diamonds but most importantly to develop people in a team sport context to enjoy their netball experience.

Coaches are the custodians of our game in so many ways!

Providing leadership and direction in any walk of life is not easy and requires a selfless attitude. Our coaches provide this in netball and their commitment to teach the skills and tactics of our game to those in their teams and squads to the best of their ability.

Whenever I am speaking and educating netball coaches around the country I am always struck by their passion and belief in our great game.

They never fail to inspire me!

I’m also inspired this week by our ANZ championship 100 games athletes and coach.

Having had the pleasure of coaching both Natalie and Geva, it does not surprise me that they have had long and successful careers in the worlds’ best netball league. Both are consummate professionals in their preparation and continue to seek improvement in their games year on year!

Of course who could not be an admirer of Maria Tutaia! Her career has also been extraordinarily consistent at both domestic and International levels, and to watch her slot through those long shots and move fluently around the court week in week out is a credit to the work she puts into her game.

Finally, having had the pleasure to sit beside Jane Woodlands-Thompson for four out of her seven years in charge of the Adelaide Thunderbirds, it is also no surprise to me that she has achieved this great milestone in coaching at the highest level!

Week in week out, Jane’s attention to detail is superb and that she has been able to continue to innovate as a coach is a credit to her energy and effort towards continuous improvement.

Congratulations Jane, Natalie, Geva and Maria!