Online module designed to get to know NetSetGO

ANZ NetSetGO is recognised as the only introductory program for netball in Australia and is the netball product on offer through the exciting new Sporting Schools program.

But do you actually know what ANZ NetSetGO is and why it’s so important to the future growth of the game?

To help you find out more about ANZ NetSetGO, Netball Australia and the Australian Sports Commission has developed an online module called `Getting to Know NetSetGO’ that’s free and will explain in detail the benefits of teaching young children modified sport.

Sporting Schools is Australia’s largest school-based sports participation programme to help children foster a lifelong interest in sport.

After kicking off in July 2015, Sporting Schools brings together schools and sports to help get Aussie children active in their local communities.

`Getting to Know NetSetGO’ is a fun, interactive module that can be used by anyone – from parents and family members through to teachers, coaches and umpires right throughout the netball community.

The module takes about 20 minutes to complete and participants receive a certificate upon completion.

All you have to do to start the module is to login to MyNetball. There’s also a fact sheet that’s been designed to step you through this process which you can download here.

Netball Australia’s Head of Community Strategy and Netball Development Anne-Marie Phippard said ANZ NetSetGO participant numbers continue to grow every year and the module explains in great detail the benefits of the program.

“These ANZ NetSetGO participants are the future members, coaches, umpires, volunteers and fans of our sport in general,” Phippard said.

“Netball Australia encourages family and friends to gain a greater understanding of how NetSetGO fits in to the Netball Australia Athlete Pathway and why modified sport is so important to young children starting out on their journey.”

Visit the ANZ NetSetGO website for more information and check out the Sporting Schools website today.