One stop shop for clubs and associations

Grass Roots Netball  2014Associations and Clubs are the shopfront of community netball.

Netball Australia is committed to providing support and guidance in the areas of governance, policies and procedures, dispute resolution, volunteers and facilities.

Netball Australia now has developed a new webpage specifically designed for clubs and associations where they can access all the relevant information they need to ensure the core values, good reputation, positive behaviours and attitudes of Netball Australia, Member Organisations and Affiliates are maintained and enhanced.

Head of Sport Development Anne-Marie Phippard said the Member Protection Policy has been updated along with the Dispute Resolution policies to assist Associations/Club effective manage issues and grievances.

Netball Australia is also committed to provide a safe environment for children.

It is now a requirement that all appointments to positions that involve direct, unsupervised contact with children regardless of state/territory working with children requirements must involve employment screening.

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