New National High Performance Umpire Pathway

NA_HighPerformanceUmpirePathway-CoverNetball Australia has implemented a world-class umpiring program to ensure it remains at the forefront of international development.

The implementation of the Netball Australia High Performance Umpire Pathway will ensure Netball Australia continues to develop the best umpires in the world.

Netball Australia’s Head of Sport Development Anne-Marie Phippard said the revised structure would formalise the high performance pathway for umpires and provide programs and support services for a holistic development of those involved.

The National High Performance Umpire Pathway has been developed after months of consultation with all state and territory Member Organisations, with invitations about to be sent to prospective participants.

“Netball Australia is investing in our high performance umpires to ensure we remain at the forefront of umpire development,” Phippard said.

“Netball Australia is committed to supporting high performance umpires in their development. This framework will identify and develop the next generation of umpires and provide a world-class system that prepares them to perform at their best at national and international events.”

“It outlines the programs and support services along with policies and procedures that describe the identification and development of umpires within the high performance environment.”

“Through access to the appropriate competitions, training and support at the right stage of the pathway, high performance umpires are encouraged to participate and strive for excellence,” Phippard said.

“The newly developed framework compliments the National Umpire Development Framework and is aligned to the national athlete pathway.”