NetSetGo Covid-19 FAQs

Suncorp NetSetGO 

The COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly which makes it challenging for us all to provide clear and consistent advice to our respective netball communities. 

 Advice is changing daily, and a unified national approach regarding community grassroots netball will be difficult to achieve. We respect that in these uncertain times, there will naturally be a diversity of views about the best way to move forward and we’re all aiming to do ‘what is right’ and most importantly ‘what is safe’ for everyone. 

 On Wednesday 18 March, 2020, based on Government and the Chief Medical Officers advice, Netball Australia released a statement announcing that Community netball should be deferred across the country following discussions between Netball Australia and state-based Member Organisations.  

 On Sunday, 22 March, 2020, the Prime Minister announced Stage 1 restrictions which is the enforced closure of several facilities effective mid-day 23 March 2020, including registered clubs, hotels and pubs (licensed areas), entertainment venues, cinemas, casinos, nightclubs, restaurants and cafes restricted to takeaway only, indoor sporting venues, gyms, places of worship.  

 On Tuesday 24 March, 2020, the Prime Minister announced further restrictions which includes a ‘do not travel’ ban on Australians travelling overseas and domestic border closures for WA, QLD, TAS, SA and NT. Further restrictions have been made to indoor and outdoor gatherings, including weddings, funerals, fitness classes, as well as other facilities, including beauty salons, arcades, play centres and food courts. 

 On Wednesday 18 March, we also announced a partnership with netball fitness organisation NETFIT to deliver live and free online netball workouts and programs to netballers as Australia limited group gatherings to deal with COVID-19 (Coronavirus). 

 Government advice is changing rapidly so please take this into consideration with your planning and decision making. We’re in constant contact with government, our Chief Medical Officer and other experts to ensure that our advice to you and the netball community is always up-to-date. 


At the moment, Suncorp NetSetGO programs will be postponed until a later date. The timeframes for recommencing the traditional delivery of Suncorp NetSetGO program unclear at this stage and we will consider advice from Government, our Chief Medical Officer and other experts when deciding to recommence.  
To ensure the Suncorp NetSetGO program is continued throughout the year, we are excited to be working on a virtual delivery model which can potentially start as early as Term 2. We will keep you informed over the next week on the progress of this digital initiative.  

No. We believe there will be opportunity for continued delivery of traditional Suncorp NetSetGO programs this year once the Government restrictions are removed. We also want to embrace this opportunity to change the game and offer a virtual Suncorp NetSetGO program potentially starting as early as Term 2. 

The advice to date is to postpone Suncorp NetSetGO programs not to cancel them, therefore we will not issue withdrawal refunds at this stage.  
To ensure the Suncorp NetSetGO program is continued throughout the year, we are working on a virtual delivery model option to potentially start as early as Term 2. This will help mitigate refund requests for all State Member Organisations, Clubs, Associations and Centres. 

At this stage given we have only postponed the traditional program and we will look to offer an alternate model; Netball Australia will still be invoicing against all current registrations and will not be offering a refund on the current registration sign up fees. 

We are not anticipating a large volume of requests at this stage given we are working hard to deliver an alternate model for Term 2.  
We will work directly with MOs to review ad-hoc withdrawal requests as part of our standard refund policy and procedures. 

Prompt, accurate communication is important for our netball community at this time. We will be providing further communication to all participants regarding the new Suncorp NetSetGO delivery options. 

Netball Australia or your Member Organisation will continue to keep you updated via email. 

Suncorp NetSetGO programs have not been cancelled – this is a temporary period of suspension based on Australian government advice and restrictions regarding indoor and outdoor gatherings.  At this stage, we are recommending centres postpone their Suncorp NetSetGO programs. 
Netball Australia are looking into other options to help kids continue playing netball and are operating on the basis that Suncorp NetSetGO programs will continue in one way or another. At the moment, we are advising centres to remain active and adaptable to the environment as we create alternative opportunities. 
We encourage all Suncorp NetSetGO Centres to carefully review their Terms and Conditions when making decisions on the status of NetSetGO Programs