NetFest early bird registrations now open

SSJ_7266---CopyEarly birds will catch the worm at NetFest, with registrations for Netball Australia’s mass participation event now open.

Teams who register during the early bird period for the event, held on October 8-11 on the Gold Coast, can save up to 60 dollars in registration fees.

The Gold Coast welcomed 2,219 participants for the 2014 event and will be aiming to make the event bigger and better in 2015.

New South Wales based netball team the Black Gems participated in beach netball last year, team member Taryn Campbell encouraged by a friend to bring her local team to NetFest for the first time.

“(My friend) said you have to come up, you have to bring all of your friends, it’s going to be a great time,” Campbell said.

“We ended up making finals, which we were completely surprised about because we have never in our entire lives played beach netball.”

Participants have the option of registering for competitive or social outdoor netball or beach netball in both female only and mixed netball categories.

With the focus on a fun and competitive atmosphere, Campbell said NetFest was an enjoyable experience with a great atmosphere.

“Playing on the beach, it’s not something that we ever get to do. You’re always playing on hard concrete, afraid of falling over,” Campbell said.

“Everyone absolutely loved it.”

Campbell is excited to return to the Gold Coast for the event later this year, saying the organisation of the event and appearances by ambassadors Liz Ellis and Sharelle McMahon were a highlight.NET FEST 2013 GOLD COAST

Some of the biggest names in netball, former Australian Netball Diamonds Captain Liz Ellis and former Silver Ferns shooter Irene van Dyk, were recently named 2015 ambassadors.

“The actual event itself was just really fun. You had the DJ there and Liz Ellis and Sharelle (McMahon) were just an absolute highlight for everyone,” Campbell said.

“The way it was organised was just really great. We knew where we were supposed to be, the app worked really well and all of the volunteers were just really helpful and excited to be there.”

The NetFest Early Bird registration period closes on June 10, 2015. More details about the event and registration can be found at