Netball celebrates International Women’s Day


As the world’s leading sport for females, netball is constantly showing how gender equality can be achieved by promoting confident, strong, skilled and talented leaders – both on and off the court.

Today is International Women’s Day and this year’s theme is `Pledge For Parity’ which is encouraging men and women to pledge to “take a concrete step to help achieve gender parity more quickly.”

Whether that’s encouraging women and girls to achieve their ambitions, call for gender-balanced leadership, end workplace bias or develop a more inclusive culture.

We asked this question to some prominent people in netball:

What will gender parity look like to you, in your world?”

Here’s how they responded.

Lisa Alexander
Australian Diamonds coach

Lisa Alexander“I pledge to identify opportunities for women on my teams to lead. This involves challenging the orthodoxy and creating a supportive environment for women to step up and lead. Our economic and lifestyle future in Australia depends on women taking on the responsibility to lead. I see my role as an educative one, to encourage, to support and to show that it is ‘normal’ for women to lead in the field of High Performance Sport and Coaching.”


Rebecca BulleyRebecca Bulley
Australian Diamonds 2015 Netball World Cup winning defender
One Netball Ambassador


“I pledge to support woman and girls to build confidence, self-esteem and life skills and to encourage them to become inspirational leaders that foster change within their community.”


Salote Sisifa
General Manager Tonga Netball Association

Salote1“Gender parity for me means equal opportunities for boys and girls to play whichever sport they choose.  We nominate our volunteers to take part in leadership training and provide support for their employment applications because they’re leaders in something small but to me they’re full of potential and enthusiasm.  We need female representation at all levels, so they can take that energy and that contribution, and use it to advocate for what women and their children need and how to address that.”


Geoff Parmenter
Netball Australia Board Member

“As a father of three teenage girls and a teenage boy, gender parity for me starts with the respect that children have for one another in their ever-more-digitally-unconstrained social environments today. Strong, self-aware young women, being respected appropriately as peers by more thoughtful young male counterparts is, for me, the basis for the gender parity of the future.”