Become a Netball Schools Ambassador


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Netball Schools Ambassador Registration.

To register as a Netball School Ambassadors you have two options.

Option 1.  A MyNetball Member

If you are a current MyNetball  Member  and have a Participant Number and Password  you can enter your information on the right column of the page titled;  RETURN USER


Enter in your Participation ID and Password and press LOGIN.

If correct you will be taken to the REGISTER FOR SCHOOL AMBASSADOR site.

Read the instruction and PRESS NEXT.

You will find that most of your details will be already entered, please add any details not present.

Once completed click NEXT: Registration Completed.

IF you have a problem:

  • If you have forgotten your password follow the prompts and create a new password. Try again.
  • If you have forgotten both go to FIRST TIME PARTICIPANT and then create a new password. Try again.


Option 2:  Not a Mynetball Member:

If you are not a Mynetball Members, please fill in your detail as requested in the FIRST TIME PARTICIPANT area and press FIND ME.

If your details do not appear under:  IS THIS YOU


Read Netball Ambassadors Information and press NEXT:

Complete AMBASSADOR DETAILS template.

Once completed click NEXT:   Registration Completed.


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