The current system will turn off when the new system goes live. Before this happens, there will be a period of ‘data migration’ when all your data and accreditations are securely transferred to the new Netball Learning platform. When the exact date is known, we’ll let you know!

We have sent communication to anyone who has logged into the current LMS system within the last 12 months. If you haven’t received anything from us, that’s ok! You can still use the new LMS when you wish to continue your Netball learning journey in the future.

At the end of July we e-mailed everyone who was in the middle of a learning assignment in the current system to say that they must complete any outstanding assignments before Netball Learning goes live. If we contacted you, or if you have started a course since the beginning of August, then here’s what you should do:
1.                Follow this link to log in to your learning account: 
2.                Go to ‘My Learning’ and check out what ‘Current’ tasks or assignments you have outstanding.
3.                Complete these learning tasks before to ensure the accreditation carries over when we launch the new ‘Netball Learning’ later in the year. 

If you don’t have anything outstanding – great! You are all up to date and everything on your current learning profile will still be there going forward. If you do have outstanding assignments we’ll be in touch to confirm the cut off date for this to be completed.

At this moment, there is no action required on your part. We recommend you continue to use the current system as normal and we will be in touch if you need to do anything differently. 

We are currently working on the sign-in process and will communicate this in due course.  

Netball Learning! We’re keeping it simple and to the point. The website link will be sent out when we go-live, or you can access as you do today through the Netball Australia website. 

The new system will be intuitive so you shouldn’t need anything more than a quick reference guide. Don’t worry if you’re ever stuck, you will still be able to contact our customer services team at who will be more than happy to help you. 

The new LMS is a product we’ve procured from a provider called ‘totara’. They’re established in the industry and have some fantastic clients in their portfolio. 

We’re currently working through how the system will handle this scenario. If any change is needed, then users that have multiple accounts attached to their e-mail will be contacted before go-live to advise of any additional sign up steps they might need to take.

Whether you have feedback, questions or concerns, you can send them through to and one of the team will respond to you as soon as possible.