Netball Foundation appoints inaugural Chief Executive

Nadine Cohen 2
Netball Australia is delighted to announce the appointment of Nadine Cohen as the inaugural Chief Executive of the Netball Foundation.

Netball is the number one sport played by women and girls and has a strategic aspiration to impact the social political, economic, education and health status of its community.

To help in achieving this aspiration, Netball Australia launched its fundraising arm in 2015. The Netball Foundation aims to help women and girls achieve their full potential both on and off the netball court and is run in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation.

Previously Netball Australia’s Head of Government Strategy, Social Innovation and Integrity, Cohen inaugurated and led netball’s influencing strategy with the Australian parliament and brought political, community and third-sector organisations together around netball’s aim to empower females.

Cohen was instrumental in securing significant levels of Australian and state government funding with a focus on diversity and social inclusion, Indigenous wellbeing, the prevention of violence against women and their children and women enrolling to vote.

“Nadine is an outstanding leader who is passionate about gender equality and netball’s role in bringing about social change,” Netball Foundation Chair Noeleen Dix said.

“Nadine brings a wealth of experience to the role and will be responsible for strategic leadership and direction of the Netball Foundation as the sport looks to its 1.2 million participants and unequalled community footprint to assist in achieving its fundraising aspirations”.

Cohen said she was honoured by the appointment and excited to be entrusted with bringing the vision of the Netball Foundation to life.

“Netball is the tool; the end game is helping women and girls to thrive,” Cohen said.

“The Foundation will focus on two cornerstone initiatives to reach this end game – the PlayNetball Fund and Diamonds Circle.

“The PlayNetball Fund’s Confident Girls and Netball Dads campaigns are about using netball to enable disadvantaged girls to build confidence, be fit and healthy, make friends and have fun.

“It is also no secret that the journey to play netball for Australia is long with many sacrifices and rewards along the way. Diamonds Circle will help past, current and future players by expanding the wellbeing program.”

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