Netball endorses Play.Sport.Australia strategy

Grass Roots Netball  2014Netball Australia has backed a new national strategy designed to improve participation in organised sport.

Federal Minister for Health and Sport Sussan Ley has launched the Australian Sports Commission’s strategy Play.Sport.Australia that outlines key priorities for improving participation in organised sport as a response to figures that show the number of Australians playing organised sport had fallen to just a quarter in recent years.

Minister Ley said Play.Sport.Australia. was about government and sporting bodies working together to not only address the problem, but capitalise on the potential.

Netball Australia’s Head of Sport Development AnneMarie Phippard has commended the Australian Sporting Commission for developing a resource that encourages participation in sport at grassroots level.

“Netball Australia is already heavily engaged in the areas identified in this document, in particular around coaching, volunteers, administrators and officials as well as schools programs, helping clubs and associations improve their facilities,” Phippard said.

Grass Roots Netball  2014“Netball is one of the highest participation sports in Australia and this document supports the work that we are doing and will continue to do to ensure more people will get involved in the sport in the future.”

The Federal Government spends about $100 million a year on various initiatives building stronger grassroots sports participation. Play.Sport.Australia will complement Australia’s high performance strategy Winning edge.

Read the PlaySportAustralia strategy details.