Netball community strengthens in Katherine

Sarah Mullucks started the netball team at Wugularr School last year to introduce a new sport and provide an opportunity, particularly for girls, to play a sport other than basketball or football.

The team plays at Katherine Netball Association, an hour and 20 minutes from their school. The NT Government sports vouchers help to cover the cost of their association fees and the school bus is driven by school staff members to transport the girls.

Funding also provides dinner packs for the team and fuel for the school bus. The team trains at school on a basketball court which also has volleyball lines, which they use for their netball court due to the thirds it provides.

They have portable goal posts but given the success of her netball program, Sarah is looking into getting a netball court. Whilst there is a great deal of support from the school and other partners in terms of funding, the netball team would not be where it is without the hard work of Sarah and her commitment each and every week for the past 2 years.

Sarah and the netball team have had an impact on both their community at Wugularr, as well as in Katherine and at Katherine Netball Association.

School attendance rates have increased for the students playing in the netball team, as well as for the younger students. Students in the lower primary classes see the enjoyment and success of the netball team and are keen to be involved themselves when they are in the upper primary class.

Sarah has also seen improvement in the classroom with greater cooperation and teamwork, as well as increased confidence and leadership in the girls.

The Wugularr team played in the Katherine Netball Association grand final this year and two of the Wugularr girls played at NT Championships in the Katherine Netball Association representative team.

The Katherine Netball Association competition has teams with both indigenous and non-indigenous players, all in the one integrated competition and Sarah Mullucks has been pivotal in the development of the inclusive ethos and culture at Katherine Netball Association.