Netball Australia thanks Kathryn Harby-Williams for her contribution

Kathryn Harby-Williams served as a Director on Netball Australia’s Board from 27th April 2013 – 21st April 2017.

The former Australian captain played a significant role in some of Netball Australia’s most successful and challenging years, with the launch of Suncorp Super Netball.

During her tenure, Harby-Williams was involved in various sub-committees of the Board, including Chairing the Game Innovation Workgroup. In this role, she led an extensive consultation with fans, athletes, umpires and coaches regarding potential rule changes for Suncorp Super Netball, resulting in the new tactical time-out rule.

Kathryn was instrumental in developing the “State of the Game” initiative, a forum that considered Netball Australia’s role as custodian of the game itself. The forum engaged with key stakeholders of the game and included many high profile coaches, players and umpires.

Harby-Williams also held the position of Chair of the Australian Netball History & Traditions Committee, ensuring that those who have contributed to the tradition and history of the game are appropriately recognised and honoured by Netball Australia, and that the sport maintains a strong link to its history as it celebrates 90 years in 2017.


Over the past 12 months, Kathryn was a member of Netball Australia’s Nomination and Remuneration Committee that oversaw the appointment of Marne Fechner to the role of Chief Executive Officer.


Her deep engagement with the game from entry level participation, through talent pathways and senior representation, in addition to administration and media, provided valuable insights to the Board of Directors.

The Board thanks her for her substantial contribution to the success of the sport and its continued growth.

“Kathryn Harby-Williams greatly contributed to the success and growth of netball, as an elite athlete and more recently as a Director of Netball Australia,” acknowledged the Board.

“Her passion for the game and the wellbeing of our athletes, balanced with a knowledge of the competitive demands of mass entertainment professional sport, helped shape what is a new era for netball.”

“We wish Kathryn the best of luck in her future endeavours. The Board thanks her for her years of service.”