Netball Australia confirms appointment of Directors

Netball Australia confirms the appointment of Cheryl McCormack, Marcia Ella-Duncan, and Susan Comerford to the Board of Directors, following a vote at today’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Cheryl McCormack and Marcia Ella-Duncan will commence three-year terms, with Susan Comerford appointed for a one-year term, filling a Casual Vacancy after the removal of Anne-Marie Corboy from the Board.

“We are confident that our Board of Directors has a dynamic combination of experience,” said Netball Australia’s Board of Directors Chair, Paolina Hunt.

“Now that the vote has been determined, we are ready to move forward collectively and focus on creating the best outcomes for our sport.

“Netball Australia and its Member Organisations share a vision and commitment to grow the game, and the appointment of Directors puts us in a strong position to address our key priorities,” Hunt said.

“We are committed to seeing our athletes be the first fully professional female athletes, whilst supporting them with the best conditions.”

The organisation’s key strategic objectives in the immediate future are to build on the new Suncorp Super Netball, drive innovation in our game through new participation offerings, such as Fast5 Netball, and continue to expand on the success of netball as Australia’s number one female participation sport.

Netball Australia has a board meeting next week following today’s Annual General Meeting, where the Board of Directors will continue with the business of running the sport.