National Netball Championships Results

The National Netball Championships are being held at the Queensland State Netball Centre this week, with all eight states and territories represented across both the 17/U and 19/U age groups.

The National Championships gold medal games will be streamed LIVE on Netball Australia’s Facebook page on Tuesday 16 April.

Round 1


Victoria (37) def Queensland (34)
Western Australia (41) def Northern Territory (16)
ACT (42) def Tasmania (22)
New South Wales (39) def South Australia (31)


Queensland (49) def Northern Territory (14)
New South Wales (40) def Western Australia (27)
Victoria (56) def Tasmania (21)
South Australia (46) def ACT (18)

Round 2


Western Australia (31) def Queensland (28)
Victoria (46) def Northern Territory (14)
South Australia (52) def Tasmania (20)
New South Wales (51) def ACT (27)



Queensland (37) def Western Australia (34)
New South Wales (37) def Northern Territory (31)
South Australia (39) def Victoria (32)
ACT (42) def Tasmania (41)

Round 3


South Australia (47) def ACT (20)
Victoria (44) def Tasmania (21)
Queensland (42) def Northern Territory (19)
New South Wales (41) def Western Australia (23)



New South Wales (27) def South Australia (25)
Victoria (38) def Western Australia (32)
Queensland (50) v Tasmania (27)
ACT (35) v Northern Territory (24)

Round 4



Queensland (33) def ACT (21)
South Australia (46) def Northern Territory (18)
Western Australia (38) def Tasmania (22)
Victoria (34) def New South Wales (31)



New South Wales (34) drew Victoria (34)
Northern Territory (37) def Tasmania (36)
Queensland (42) def South Australia (37)
Western Australia (43) def ACT (28)

Round 5



South Australia (35) def Queensland (32)
ACT (31) def Northern Territory (27)
New South Wales (51) def Tasmania (11)
Victoria (28) def Western Australia (25)



New South Wales (52) def Tasmania (18)
Victoria (47) def Northern Territory (18)
Queensland (39) def ACT (35)
South Australia (40) def Western Australia (25)

Round 6


New South  Wales (45) def Northern Territory (15)
Queensland (41) def Tasmania (19)
Western Australia (33) def ACT (22)
South Australia (37) def Victoria (23)



Western Australia (44) def Tasmania (32)
South Australia (58) def Northern Territory (13)
Victoria (45) def ACT (22)
Queensland (44) v New South Wales (40)

Round 7


Northern Territory (38) def Tasmania (23)
New South Wales (31) v Queensland (29)
Victoria (35) def ACT (29)
South Australia (37) def Western Australia (25)



Western Australia (50) def Northern Territory (16)
South Australia (46) def Tasmania (23)
New South Wales (37) def ACT (24)
Victoria (43) def Queensland (34)




Queensland (37) def Tasmania (24)

ACT (29) def Northern Territory (22)

South Australia (37) def Western Australia (26)

New South Wales (38) def Victoria (22)


U17 Queensland (37) v Tasmania (24)

A consistent and hard fought effort from the Queensland U17 side saw a well deserved win against Tasmania, 37 – 24.

Queensland’s attackers dominated the first half of the opening quarter, leading 5 – 0 until Tasmania’s shooters found their feet. Connections between the midcourt and goalers on both ends were a little slow at first, with defensive units from both sides firing. Tempo soon picked up as QLD’s wing attack Sarah Harris began to find her rhythm feeding into goal shooter Martina Reekers, leaving the score at 10 – 7 to the Queenslanders.

The second quarter saw no decrease in intensity from QLD’s defensive team who worked hard to keep the score as low as possible for the Tassie shooters. Despite the pressure, Tasmanian shooter Danielle Laugher produced some well needed long shots, taking the pressure off her team as needed to place them at 19 -14 down as half time approached.

Returning from half time both sides made some drastic changes across the court, leading to a large amount of unforced errors across the court for one another to capitalise on. An excellent deflect from QLD goal keeper Lily Gribble set the tone that Queensland’s defence would not be stopped, despite Tasmania’s change up in the shooting end. Queensland shooters Reilley Batcheldor and Reekers began to add an extra element of flair to the quarter, with some basketball inspired passes that only added to their already steady lead.

Yet another intercept from Gribble ensured the Queenslanders’ momentum continued through to their final quarter. Queensland centre Rhylee Burns was a stand out throughout the whole match, giving Queensland the steadiness and control they needed.

Queensland’s overall consistency across all ends of the court has secured them their spot in tomorrows 5th place playoff, while Tasmania will play for 7th.


U17 South Australia (37) vs Western Australia (26)

Returning U17 2018 champions South Australia were out with a point to prove from the moment they stepped on court. The energy in the room was enormous with both sides supported by large and even louder crowds.

South Australia showed they meant business, taking the first goal and intercept of the game before settling in to what would be one-for-one the majority of the quarter. An intercept from WA’s Brooke Repacholi and Ruth Aryang were a taste of the team’s strong defensive capabilities, however the state’s shooting end struggled at times with equally intense defence from South Australia. The game proved to be a battle of the shooters as SA displayed their ability to convert; every shot had to be sunk.

Up 10 – 6 at quarter time, SA shooting duo Kimberley Hearnden and Krystal Anderson-Ives could not be stopped. A defensive change-up for SA proved to only further improve the foundations they had built in the first quarter.

Coming back from half time, SA had even more fight in them than before, with an intercept by Sophie Casey building enough momentum to earn the team the first 4 goals of the quarter. Anderson-Ives continued to be a pillar for the Western Australians, sinking shots in the mid-range with ease, while Casey returned with another intercept, bringing SA to 25 – 13. Despite constant pressure from SA defensive duo Casey Behnhardt and Jessie Grenvold, WA did not give up, chipping away at the score with precise and timely passing till they were back up 25-18. A sweeping intercept from South Australian centre Tahlia Dnistrjanski allowed the side to finish the quarter strong at 28 – 19.

Despite Western Australia’s best efforts, South Australia proved to be too strong as they continued to dominate on all areas of the court. Once again South Australia have secured a place tomorrow’s grand final, while Western Australia play for 3rd.


Western Australia (51) def Tasmania (34)

Northern Territory (39) def ACT (23)
South Australia (37) def Queensland (35)
New South Wales (35) def Victoria (32)


U19 Western Australia (51) v Tasmania (34)

Western Australia displayed a fighting effort to overcome Tasmania with a 51 – 34 victory.

The match began with high intensity from both teams, each utilising the height and accuracy of their respective shooters as every pass was fought for. Western Australia’s goal defence Sunday Aryang was the highlight of the opening quarter with her ability to rotate body-on-body with floating defence. Consecutive intercepts from Aryang helped Western Australia to score the first three goals of the match, setting the defensive standard for the rest of the game.

Throughout the first half both teams were able to utilise their defensive players well at all ends of the court, while a few miscommunications meant there was plenty of opportunity for both teams to pick up points. Western Australia began to further sink into their rhythm, utilising goal shooter Molly Warne’s height and precision to launch their score to 27 – 16 at half time.

Heading into the third quarter the game became more physical in the attacking end for Tasmania, forcing them to utilise the long shots of shooter Ruby Barkmeyer who did not disappoint. Barkmeyer managed to collect a further intercept in the third quarter, pushing Tasmania to be equal at 3 quarter time. However, Western Australia’s offensive change up in the last quarter showcased the depth of talent in this team as they went on to take the match 51 – 34.





Queensland (44) def ACT (14)
Northern Territory (31) def Tasmania (27)
Western Australia (32) def Victoria (21)
South Australia (35) def New South Wales (30)


17U Bronze Medal Match Western Australia (32) v Victoria (21)


Western Australia have finished their National Championships series strong with a well deserved win, 32 – 21, over Victoria to claim bronze.

Bronze medal match nerves were apparent, each team subject to a few unforced errors as the game got underway. Western Australian goal attack Charlie Allen quickly found her place delivering goals at a distance, while goal shooter Abbey Hicks remained steady at the post. Victoria managed to stick tight on the Western Australians, finishing the quarter with sharp and agile passing to close in 6 – 7.

Hicks proved to be an asset for the Western Australians, taking the first 3 goals of the second quarter and firing up the crowd. Victoria continued to work hard, but suffered several unsuccessful goal attempts, trailing at half time 11 – 15.

As the second half begun, it seemed Western Australia’s connection across the court would only get stronger. Wing defence Trinity Rond fired up her team once again with another clean intercept pushing their lead to 24 – 17.

Western Australia’s Charlie Allen was a standout of the match, working seamlessly with wing attack Montana Turnbull who proved they could find Hicks from anywhere.

Similarly, goal defence Grace Sinclair never failed to work hard, stealing an intercept in the dying minutes of the game to secure her team bronze in the 17U NNC with a score of 32 – 21.



17U Gold Medal Match South Australia (49) v New South Wales (20)


The 17U National Netball Championship gold medal match was met with huge crowds from both states ready to fire up their own side.

Reigning champions South Australia came into the match with the experience and determination of a team that had won the last 3 17U NNC titles, and this attitude did not waver.

South Australia came out strong, winning the first 4 goals of the match thanks to the steady shooting of Kimberley Hearnden who worked hard to take front position. An intercept out of nowhere from New South Wales centre Amy Sligar gave the team the courage to keep pushing, as she backed this up with a pick-up in the defensive end that kept the two teams even at quarter time.

New South Wales began the second quarter as strong as they finished the first, but South Australian shooter Krystal Anderson-Ives proved once again that she is steady under the post. A stellar intercept from New South Wales goal defence Brooker Paterson kept the team in line with their opponents. However, as the first half drew to an end, the connection between South Australia’s Captain Tahlia Dnistrjanski and Kimberley Hearnden electrified, pushing the reigning champions to a massive 10 goal lead. A shift in momentum brought the score back to 21 – 13 at half time.

The second half saw an even stronger performance from South Australia, goal keeper Jessie Grenvold a standout across the entire match. The decision to bring on New South Wales’ towering shooter Millicent Roach helped rebuild the team’s confidence, however passing connections between South Australia’s attackers were unstoppable as they finished off the match with a goal from star player Hearnden, MVP of the tournament.

South Australia become 2019 NNC Champions for the 4th year in a row with a victory of 35 -30 over New South Wales.






Western Australia (50) def Northern Territory (19)
ACT (53) def Tasmania (28)
Queensland (43) def  Victoria (38)
South Australia (49) def New South Wales (20)


19U 5th Place Playoff Western Australia (50) v Northern Territory (19)

 In a hard fought battle, Western Australia defeated Northern Territory for 5th place, 50 – 19.

Last meeting in Round 6 with a score 44 – 32, Western Australia knew they would have to work hard if they wanted the win.

The game got off to a fierce start, with Western Australia’s defence working tirelessly to put a stop to Northern Territory’s shooters, giving South Australia plenty shots at goal. Contesting every ball hard, Western Australia managed to work the ball nicely into shooter Giselle Taylor who held her position in the circle well, propelling the team to 25 – 10 at half time.

Western Australian shooting duo Ella Taylor and Sloan Burton proved too difficult to stop, while the midcourt used great defensive skills to gain possession.

Northern Territory’s goal shooter backed an intercept with an equally impressive shot, igniting the team’s fighting spirit in the final moments of the game to finish with what was the closest of the four quarters.

Western Australia’s confident performance earnt them 5th place for the tournament, while Northern Territory take 6th with a final score of 50 – 19.


19U Gold Medal Match New South Wales v South Australia

Last year’s runners up South Australia came out with a point to prove as the underdogs of the Grand Final, finishing at only fourth on the ladder.

The final began with a confident start from both teams, proving that every goal would count and no pass could go astray. South Australian goal attack Nyah Allen proved to be a powerhouse for the team throughout the entire match, stealing an intercept and goal within the opening moments of the game. Their huge defensive presence forced early passing errors from New South Wales which South Australia swiftly converted, ending the quarter at 11 – 4.

Amidst heavy defensive pressure from New South Wales, shooter Lucy Austin dominated the circle during the second quarter with the aid of Allen and Tyler Orr. While the end of the first half saw a number of turn overs for both teams, it was South Australia who successfully turned them into goals.

Coming into the third term 35 – 16 up, South Australian wing defence Tayla Williams executed a stellar intercept, forging the way for her team to take 3 consecutive goals. A fresh New South Wales attacking combination of Luana Aukafolau, Madeline Eaton and Sophie Dwyer brought an exciting change of pace to the state, much to the crowd’s delight. However, even the best efforts of New South Wales could not surpass the strength of South Australia, with shooter Austin demonstrating a mature and poised style of play to compliment the speed of Allen.

This spectacular display of netball saw South Australia dominate New South Wales 49 – 20, to become 2019 19/U National Netball Champions.