Legends ready to go on with the show

The Centurions Sydney

If their rehearsal sessions are anything to go by, then those with a ticket for `The Centurions’ in Sydney are in for a treat.

“Only one person cried and walked out but she was 13 months old,” Liz Ellis said.

`The Centurions’ will give the audience a greater insight into the lives and careers of Australia’s three most-capped players in Ellis (122 Tests), Sharelle McMahon (118 Tests) and Catherine Cox (108 Tests), pictured right, and plays at the Enmore Theatre on Monday, 10 August.

_MCA4890LiThe trio headed to Perth recently to spend a few days rehearsing the show with organiser Sue Gaudion where they performed a full dress rehearsal of the two-and-a-half hour show before a selected audience.

“We had some who were theatre people and had no idea about netball and some that were real netball fans and others who had a passing interest in netball,” Ellis said.

“Before the show we said to them to pick it apart and at the end we got some really good, constructive feedback. So we’ve been able to tinker around the edges with it.

“But everyone seemed to enjoy it and quite a few who there said they went from laughing to crying to laughing. So we were able to deliver something that was entertaining but also gave a bit of insight into the three of us.

“One of the nice things about the show is that it’s not super polished. There are parts you can’t script; we all tend to go off on tangents but that’s part of the beauty of the show.

“Initially I was nervous wondering how we were going to fill two-and-a-half hours but now I’m wondering how we’re going to keep it to two-and-ah-half hours. So I think it will be a really cracking night.”

Cox is looking forward to sharing the stage with two of her good friends and long-serving teammates.

“We know that the product is good and it will be good fun and I’m sure people will enjoy it,” Cox said.

“We’ve all got some bombshells to drop but there’s plenty of funny stories talking about what goes on behind the scenes at world championships.”

Gaudion said Rowanne Bowman, Jo Hunt, Kristen Wood, Andrae Moore and Miriam Jobson have been announced as July promotion winners to win a double pass to go backstage and meet the trio before the show begins.

Tickets are still available to the show and can be purchased from the box office on the night.

Ellis, McMahon and Cox are also appearing at a FAN Fest session during the Netball World Cup on Saturday, 8 August between 12.30pm and 1pm.

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