Netball to score from YMCA partnership


More kids will have the opportunity to experience the fun of the ANZ NetSetGO program following a new agreement between Netball Australia and the YMCA.

The YMCA has agreed to offer ANZ NetSetGO through its 240 Outside School Hours Care centres right across Australia following a successful trial of the program last year.

That means that, potentially, another 36,000 kids aged from 5 – 12 will be introduced to the sport of netball. That’s a result which delights Netball Australia’s Head of Sport Development AnneMarie Phippard.

“We trialled this across 10 centres in Brisbane, Canberra and Victoria last year and we received some really great feedback from the coaches as well as the kids,” Phippard said.

“Because it was so successful, the YMCA was keen to expand the partnership and offer ANZ NetSetGO through their Outside School Hours Care program and we’re delighted that this will be an on-going partnership.”

Phippard said the YMCA was delighted with the response to last year’s pilot centres and was happy to expand the ANZ NetSetGO program nationwide in 2014.

ANZ NetSetGO is Netball Australia’s entry netball program for kids and has been developed to provide them with a position introduction to netball in a safe and fun environment. Last year, 355 youngsters were involved in the pilot program.

Netball Australia is providing training to the YMCA staff and a resource pack as well as on-going support.

“ANZ NetSetGO has been delivered the traditional way through local netball clubs and association,” Phippard said.

“So this will be a way to give access to school kids who haven’t been able to participate previously, let them try the program and see if they love it.”

Phippard said kids who enjoy being in the program and want to find out how they can get more involved in the sport will be directed towards their local netball club or association.

“Our aim is to get as many of the 240 Outside School Hours Care centres delivering the ANZ NetSetGO program for at least one term,” Phippard said.

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