It takes effort, energy and time – but it’s often highly rewarding, too.

People give a huge amount of themselves when doing voluntary work: effort, energy and time – but it’s often highly rewarding, too.

And that’s been the case for 68-year-old Victorian, Jennifer Doll, who has loved every second of her 35 years in netball so far.

“I just enjoy the company, my husband’s very involved with the Melbourne Vixens as well and we just love it, everybody’s friendly, you meet really nice people – we used to get trips to New Zealand to go over and watch the team and have a holiday,” Doll says.

35 years in any job is a huge feat, but working purely for the love of your sport is even more admirable.

“I played netball as a youngster and then years later restarted my junior club because I was interested in coaching, which led me on to doing the Victorian Netball League for 19 years as a court supervisor.

“I managed the Victorian state team for 12 years and more recently and very kindly, Netball Australia invited me to travel to the underage nationals to look after the young umpires and has travelled with the international umpires to the last four Quad Series and Constellation Cups as a team manager – which was a huge privilege.”

On top of her netball commitments across Australia, Jennifer has also worked with local kids who have gone on to become global netball icons.

“I team managed a whole host of players that have play Suncorp Super League and International netball when they were younger, and I always say to them, ‘Now just remember those muffins that I made for you’,” she says.

From sitting on the bench with England when they won bronze at the 2016 Commonwealth Games, to being able to witness Australia, South Africa and England all train when travelling with the international umpires, Jennifer has looked after netball and netball has looked after her, too.

“I’ve had some really lovely times and have always worked with great people and I would like to thank Netball Victoria, Netball Australia and St Christopher’s Airport West Netball club for the opportunities they gave me – and my husband John for his support,” she says.