Get to know your Diamonds: Sharni Layton

2015 World Netball Cup Day 2 Australia v Barbados Sharni Layton

Our hard-working defender Sharni Layton has built a reputation for her fierce competitive nature on court. She had a career best season with the NSW Swifts and impressive Netball World Cup campaign. Now we get to know the other side of Sharni.

DOB: 6/1/1988
Height: 188cm
Positions: GD, GK, WD

Five minutes with Sharni Layton

Do you have any pets? A cat named Chiggy

Favourite TV show? Have You Been Paying Attention

Do you have any lucky charms or superstitions? No superstitions on game day. If you have prepared properly on every level going in then there’s no need. Except for coffee. Always coffee.

Favourite pizza topping? BBQ Chicken with extra pineapple. Always.

Favourite pre-game meal? Breakfast- eggs. Lunch and dinner – meat and veg. And coffee. Always coffee. I’m a simple kind of gal.

What do you like to do outside of netball? Life, travel, nature, family, movies, adventure, experiences, friends, learning, study, meditating, yoga, and coffee. Always coffee.

What is your guilty pleasure? BBQ Chicken pizza. sharni

Most played song on your playlist? Currently, probably Lightening Crashes – Live.

Green juices or cake? There’s a time and place for both. I would never eat cake pre-game and I would never have a green juice out at dinner. But green juice would be more regular in my diet than cake. Cake is a guilty pleasure.

Who would play you in a movie? Jennifer Lawrence. Just swap the bow and arrow for a netball. Still tough yeah?

Your toughest life lesson? My toughest life lessons were when I was still too young to understand that a negative experience wasn’t the end of the world. Once you grow to realise that there’s always an opportunity in something and a lesson to be learned, lesson’s aren’t so bad.

Advice for young netballers? Have fun, work hard, get to know your teammates.

Finish this sentence

The item I can’t go on tour without is… my playing dress

Books next to my bed… The Alchemist, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, E-squared.

With my last ten dollars I’d... probably give it to someone who needed it more and hope that karma would come around 10 fold.

My biggest inspiration is… My family.

My favourite coloured ASICS are… the newest ones out, my newest fav are blue and red.

Follow Sharni Layton on Instagram: @Sharni_Layton and Twitter: @Sharni_Layton. Read her full biography and netball achievements here.